We are facing higher taxes. It is a blow to all Poles. When we feel it

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The Ministry of Finance announced the upper limits of local tax and fee rates for 2023.

 Higher taxes await us. This is a blow to all Poles. When we will feel it

Portal & ldquo; MSN & rdquo; reports that we will face another increase in taxes due to the high inflation rate in the first half of this year. This means that, in the worst case, they will increase by 11.8 percent from the beginning of next year. Of course, they can be a bit lower, but hardly anyone in the current situation expects such a pleasant surprise.

This will be especially felt by people who pay taxes on housing and business activities. The former are to increase by an average of PLN 0.11 to PLN 1, and the latter by PLN 3.04 to PLN 28.78 per 1 m2.

& ldquo; In 2022, the maximum rates for real estate tax increased by an average of 4 percent compared to the previous year. In 2023, the increase will be almost 12%, which is influenced by high inflation & rdquo; & ndash; explains the senior consultant of Ayming Polska.

The exact amount is finally determined by the municipalities, which will probably also try to improve their budgets, so you can forget about the lower rates.

 Higher taxes await us. This is a blow to all Poles. we will feel it

Other taxes also go up

An increase in the tax on dog ownership has also already been announced. Instead of PLN 135, the owners will pay PLN 150.91.

In addition, fees charged in spa resorts will increase by several dozen groszy. Among other increases, there is also a tax on land, on buildings or their parts, means of transport, as well as market and advertising fees.

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