“We are not solving anything”: Putin has a supplier of spare parts for weapons in Europe, media

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Journalists found out that companies from Slovakia were engaged in the supply of dual-use goods to both Russia and Iran.

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After the start of a full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, companies from Slovakia were engaged in the supply of spare parts to the Russian Federation and Iran, which can be used for the production of weapons. The Denník N newspaper writes about this.

It is reported that in early October, an Iranian Mohajer-6 drone used by the Russian army fell into the sea near Odessa. As it turned out, this UAV was equipped with a first-class Austrian Rotax 912iS engine. It is used to design small civil aircraft.

The newspaper writes that the manufacturer Rotax immediately denied the information about the supply of engines to Iran and launched an investigation.

It is reported that on April 21, the Slovak customs authorities allowed a local company from Prievidza to export to Iran the product “Rotax 912 aircraft engine for civil aircraft type DY-K103”.

“The main finding is that the customs officers did not appear to check, when confirming exportation, whether the goods could also be used for the production of military equipment – and therefore whether they were dual both civilian and military purposes,” the article says.

Journalists write that if these were goods that could also be used for military purposes, this could be a violation of EU sanctions.

We also recall that the G7 reacted to the missile terror of the Russian Federation in Ukraine. Representatives of the G7 called the shelling of Ukrainian civilian infrastructure war crimes and promised to hold Russia accountable.