We are not Ukraine, will shoot even before the inauguration: Maxim Galkin said there is ready to replace Putin…

У нас не Украина, пристрелят еще до инаугурации: Максим Галкин ответил, готов ли сменить Путина...

Maxim Galkin made a new resonant statement about presidential ambitions, this time from the stage of the Kremlin Palace.

“We are not Ukraine, will shoot even before the inauguration”, — he said, comparing himself with the President Zelensky.

However, he admitted that he experienced real fear when he realized that more will not moved, however, many are willing to support him, but he was pleased because, “that people still believe that something decide the election”.

Recall memorable performances Galkina in Novosibirsk, in which he ridiculed Putin and they said censorship, resulted in a scandal that reached the state Duma. There the representative of LDPR Dmitry Saveliev suddenly had accused the singer that he has “little idea about the intellectual humor.”

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