“We are two tyrannosaurs.” Sylvester Stallone spoke about his friendship with Arnold Schwarzenegger

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  • «We are two tyrannosaurus». Sylvester Stallone spoke about his friendship with Arnold Schwarzenegger

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The 76-year-old actor gave a frank interview in which he spoke about friendship and rivalry with “Iron Arnie”

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Sylvester Stallone, the star of the films “Rambo” and “Rocky”, gave a frank interview in which he spoke about his friendship with another Hollywood legend – Arnold Schwarzenegger. This is written by The Hollywood Reporter.

Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger started their film careers almost at the same time and competed all their lives. Their films were equally popular, they even chose similar films: action films, light comedies and tried themselves in dramas.

They were connected not only by rivalry, but also by a common cause. Together with Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, they were investors in the once popular restaurant chain Planet Hollywood.

“Arnold is very wise, and he often talks about the philosophy that led him to where he is. It's nice to talk to a person who really put his money into the cause, and this case worked,” Stallone said in an interview.

Despite the fact that they were friendly rivals on the screen when their films were rivals at the box office, they managed to become friends in life and are still friends today.

“Sometimes we start to fool around and go crazy – just laugh at the old days. I once told him:” We are the last two tyrannosaurs. We are the last two meat-eaters, and there is not much beef left in the world. So we better enjoy each other,” Stallone joked.

After decades of rivalry with each other, Stallone and Schwarzenegger teamed up for the first time in Stallone's 2010 action movie The Expendables and its sequels, which were released in 2012 and 2014 and collected all the “old guard” action movies of the 1990s in one film.

He remembered Stallone and his famous comedy “Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot” in 1992, for which he received the “Golden Raspberry” anti-award.

“I heard that Schwarzenegger was going to star in this film, and I said myself to myself: “I’ll overtake him.” I think he set me up then,” Stallone joked.

Rumors that Arnold Schwarzenegger feigned interest in this dubious project so that Stallone took on this role have been around for a long time . And Arnie confirmed this only recently.

“That's 100 percent true. In those days, we did all sorts of crazy things to get ahead of each other in our rivalry. Luckily for us and everyone else, today Sly and I support each other,” said Schwarzenegger.

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< p>And when Stallone was asked about what kind of comic book superhero he would like to play, he self-critically stated that he does not look like any comic book character.

“And I would never play the Terminator. Nobody hundred l would make a robot with a crooked mouth and a voice similar to the voice of an undertaker. It just doesn't work,” Stallone replied.