We break away from the tail: how to make the driver driving behind not to press close to your car


July 4, 2022, 10:08 | Auto

How to deal with those who do not keep their distance.

Getting away from the tail: how to make the driver behind you not to press close to your car

Rudeness on the roads is manifested not only in the fact that someone cut you off, missed you or threw mud from the side of the road or a strong word. Sitting, as it is called, on the tail of the driver also makes you nervous and greatly distracts you from the road, informs Ukr.Media.

Not only people have personal space, but also cars. And for the latter, it is really vital. After all, if the driver who sat on your tail does not manage to control or misses the moment of braking, then it will be bad for everyone. If the driver-ham rests on your bumper and stops, then the energy that he will give to the car in front can turn into a tragedy – often the cars catching up from behind fly straight into the oncoming traffic. And that's how lucky you are.

And here the question arises, is there a reason to force the driver from behind to break a dangerous distance?

Quapygs are very annoying. They believe that if they are late, then all other drivers should hurry up. Therefore, in order for them to move more nimbly, lovers of not keeping a safe distance literally stick bumper to bumper, creating a dangerous commotion on the road. Doing so without knowing the qualifications of the driver in front of the car is very dangerous. And those who are always late often turn out to be quite mediocre themselves. As a result, their behavior often leads to traffic accidents involving two or more cars. Such rude people are especially dangerous during the rain or in winter. However, in this situation, you can always impose your own rules of the game and retrain from victim to predator.

It is easier than simple to yield to those who are always in a hurry. Let it roll far away. To do this, you need to carefully slow down, if the road allows you to move a little, and indicate with a turn signal or your hand that you are letting the fan hang on the tail. If there is no possibility to yield, then you can hint to the driver of the car that is chasing you that it would be good to keep the distance by several gentle presses on the brake pedal – so that the brake lights light up. This usually works.

If the speedster does not like that someone is driving slower than him in the dark, then one of the ways to encourage a careful driver is to turn on the main beam of the headlights. And this is an extremely dangerous method. If the light of the headlights is reflected in a certain way in the rearview mirror of a law-abiding car owner, then he can be blinded for a short time. And this can cause a serious accident.

In order to stop the bacchanalia, you should blink at the pursuing accident or again resort to the tactic of “don't argue, but miss''. If the car is equipped with auto-dimming rearview mirrors, this function should be turned on, and then the headlights of the car behind will not be so dangerous. When mirrors do not have such a function, you should change the position of the rear-view mirror by lowering or raising it in such a way that the light of the headlights reflected in it dims. For this purpose, such mirrors are equipped with a special lever.

If you have been overtaken by a driver who is in a hurry and in every way hints to you that you need to go faster against the rules of the road, then there is no need to panic. All actions must be verified, calm and measured. As already said, the best solution will still be to let him go. This will save your nerves, and possibly your life.


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