We change the mindset of poverty to the mindset of rich people


July 22, 2022, 10:04 | Business

Strategies for revenue growth.

We change the mindset of poverty to the mindset of rich people

Low the income of the vast majority of people is a direct consequence of the so-called “poverty mindset”, informs Ukr.Media.

It is this that provokes an extremely low standard of living, a complete lack of savings and confidence in the future. /p>

A natural question arises: how can you "reprogram" your thinking in such a way that it contributes to the growth of earnings and a sharp improvement of the financial situation. In today's article, we will analyze three strategies that can cope with such a task.

The incredible power of the word "while"

In comments to financial articles, the following phrases often appear: "I don't know how to get out of loans, "I have nowhere to live, where to get money for an apartment, " 34;my income doesn't allow me to save', 'I don't know how to invest'.

Do you know these words?

The simplest and at the same time effective way is to start add the word "until" in each similar phrase.

  • For example, the phrase “I don't have the opportunity to save” changes to "I don't have the opportunity to save yet".
  • Which means that at this very moment you still can't do it – but after a while you must" 39; definitely start doing it.

Thus, you have hope for a favorable development of events.

It is as if you are opening the door opportunities', where sooner or later the event/action you expect will enter.

Replace the phrase “I can't do it” on "I need to learn it"

Failure is a swear word, however, failures are a natural and inseparable part of our lives.

So we offer you try the following:

  • Don't say, “I can't do it.''
  • Instead, say, “I have to'' ;I will definitely learn'.

This approach will remove negativity (disappointment and pessimism), and will also motivate you to continue trying.

After all, it is our efforts that make us intelligent, talented and rich.

Acknowledge your 'weaknesses'

Unfortunately, no one perfect.

Therefore, the first step to improving your "relationship" with finances – stop burying your head in the sand and honestly admit you have a money problem.

Action instead of avoidance: Conduct a blitz audit of your family finances and decide what exactly you could start doing differently. For example, change jobs, improve qualifications, move to another region, etc.


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