We commit this sin most often. It is from him that most Poles confess

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Which of the sins do we commit most often?

This is the sin we commit most often. This is the sin that most Poles confess to

According to the “Interia” portal, the week before Christmas is the time when believers visit confessionals, although according to canon law, it is not mandatory. We know what sins we confess most often. Number one may be quite a surprise!

When should we go to confession?

There is no strictly defined frequency when we should go to confession. According to the catechism, this should happen when we are tired of knowing that we have committed a grave sin and we feel the need to reconcile with God.

According to the church's commandments, we are obliged to confess at least once a year and receive communion during the Easter period. Clergy emphasize that we should approach the sacrament of penance out of the need of our own conscience, and not only because it is a tradition.

This is the sin we commit most often. This is what most Poles confess to

What sin is most common in confessionals?

It turns out that one of the most frequently confessed sins in the confessional is theft. It is a sin that does not preclude absolution, but is subject to the need to make amends to the person who was the victim of theft.

An extremely frequently confessed sin also includes lying. Few people know that intentionally withholding the truth from someone is also a sin that must be confessed in the confessional. It is also worth remembering that lying is a light sin, although it may also turn out to be a grave offense – it all depends on the circumstances.

The third of the most frequently mentioned sins in confession is pride.

This is the sin we commit most often. This is what most Poles confess to

Have you been surprised by the three most frequently mentioned sins in the confessional?

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