We debunk the myths about hookahs – it is not so innocent


July 12, 2022, 14:02 | In the world

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Debunking myths about hookahs — he is not so innocent

The tobacco is heated in a bowl located at the top of the hookah, this chamber slowly heats up, turning the tobacco or flavoring into smoke. The smoke is then fed into the mouth through a small mouthpiece. But it is still worth answering some questions, informs Ukr.Media.

Myths and facts

Smoking hookah was introduced to many of us as a healthy alternative to smoking cigarettes. Hookah bars are filled with young children sitting and smoking hookah as if it were an entertainment event. However, studies show that hookah smoking is not as safe as previously claimed.

  • Myth: hookah smoke is filtered and thus filters out harmful ingredients. Truth: Smoking tobacco through water does nothing to filter out cancer-causing chemicals. It damages the heart and lungs no less than a cigarette.
  • Myth: hookah smoke is cooler, does not burn the lungs and, therefore, is not harmful. Truth: the smoke is cooled by water in the hookah, although the smoke is cooled, it contains carcinogens and is therefore harmful to health.
  • Myth: smoking a hookah is healthier than smoking a cigarette. Truth: smoke is just as dangerous as a cigarette, only the heat release process is different. The end product is the same.
  • Myth: Shisha contains flavorings and does not contain tobacco, so it is healthier. Truth: Tobacco is tobacco, whether you smoke it as a cigarette or as a hookah, flavorings still contain cancer-causing chemicals.

Hookah Facts

Hookah smoke is said to contain more arsenic acid, 15 times more carbon monoxide and about 36 times more tar. The reason is that hookah smoking requires more intense and longer sessions, which, in turn, increases the level of nicotine in the blood. Because hookah is open and used by other people, the risk of infection is much higher with hookah.

Smoking hookah is harmful to pregnant women because they can give birth to underweight babies, and these underweight babies also have risk of developing lung diseases. In addition, hookah smoking is harmful for the person sitting next to the smoker and for the person smoking it.


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