“We demand to take action”: a ship under the flag of the Russian Federation with Ukrainian grain arrived in Turkey

There are 7,000 tons on board the ship that left occupied Berdyansk on June 30 grains. In the meantime, a shipowner from Kazakhstan notes that the export of grain takes place under a previously concluded contract.

The dry cargo ship Zhibek Zholy with Ukrainian grain, which had previously left occupied Berdyansk, entered the Turkish port of Karasu under the flag of Russia. In this regard, the Ukrainian side appealed to Ankara to take urgent measures. Ukrainian Ambassador to Turkey Vasily Bodnar wrote this on Facebook.

“The Zhibek Zholy ship from occupied Berdyansk entered the port of Karasu. On the basis of a letter from the Office of the Prosecutor General, they appealed to the Turkish side to take urgent measures,” Bodnar wrote.< /p>

The ambassador added that good communication and close cooperation have been established between the Ukrainian and Turkish sides, so the diplomat is convinced that measures will soon be taken to prevent attempts to violate the sovereignty of Ukraine.

As noted in Krym Realii, on June 30, a ship left Berdyansk carrying 7,000 tons of Ukrainian grain stolen by the invaders. This was allegedly stated by the pseudo-governor of the Zaporozhye region Yevhen Balitsky in his Telegram. The publication writes that Balitsky later deleted information about the exact amount of grain transported and the final destination of the ship.

Kazakhstan comments

It should be noted that the Zhibek Zholy dry cargo ship was built in 2016 and belongs to the Kazakh shipowner KTZ Express Shipping Too from Nur-Sultan. Despite this, the ship sails under the Russian flag.

On July 1, the national company “Kazakhstan Temir Zholy” (Kazakhstan Railways) published a statement stating that the transportation of grain by the Kazakh ship “Zhibek Zholy” from Berdyansk to Turkey is carried out at the request of Ukraine in a humanitarian way. The statement mentions an agreement dated October 26, 2021 between the shipowner KTZ Express Shipping and the Russian company Green Line LLC, which stipulates the transfer of the latter dry cargo ship as part of a bareboat charter.

In particular, the document states that ” Green Line” during the entire term of the contract are not subject to any sanctions. Otherwise, if the lessee has not agreed on the type of cargo and the route of transportation with the shipowner, the owner has the right to immediately terminate the contract.

It is reported that Green Line has entered into a long-term contract for the provision of services for the transportation of grain from Ukraine to Turkey with the Estonian company Mangelbert OU, which has been a trader of grains and oils since 1999.

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