We do not need a nuclear strike on Ukraine – Putin

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We don't need a nuclear strike on Ukraine - Putin

In Russia ” never talked about the use of nuclear weapons,” says the Russian president.

It makes no sense for Russia to launch a nuclear strike on the territory of Ukraine. This was stated by Russian President Vladimir Putin in his speech at the plenary session of the Valdai International Discussion Club in Moscow on Thursday, October 27.

“We do not need a nuclear strike on Ukraine, there is no point – neither political nor military,” – Putin said and admitted that “as long as nuclear weapons exist, there is a risk of their use.”

He also said that Russia “never talked about the use of nuclear weapons”, but only reacted to the words of Western politicians .

“The West is looking for additional arguments to oppose Russia. The girl (Liz Truss – ed.) blurted out about nuclear weapons, clearly out of her mind, they would have corrected it in Washington, but no, they are silent,” Putin complained.

He also again accused Ukraine of alleged plans to create nuclear weapons.

our troops,” the Russian leader said.

Recall that Vladimir Putin has repeatedly threatened to use nuclear weapons when he spoke about the war with Ukraine. In particular, that the wind rose can turn towards Russia's enemies.

And the day before, Putin personally voiced a fake about the “dirty bomb” of Ukraine.

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