“We don’t understand how to survive”: Russian billionaire Aven got back access to accounts in London


Sanctioned Russian businessman Pyotr Aven received limited access to their bank accounts to pay for the maintenance of the mansion and household expenses. His monthly spending is over $150,000.

A court in London has eased restrictions on the bank accounts of sanctioned Russian businessman Pyotr Aven. Bloomberg writes about this.

As it became known, the judge allowed the billionaire to pay for “basic needs”.

According to journalists, Petr Aven's monthly expenses are about 140 thousand pounds ($168 thousand). Most of the funds go to pay for the protection of the London mansion and the maintenance of a collection of works of art worth 300 million pounds.

In May, the UK authorities initiated a criminal case under the article on violation of sanctions against Petr Aven. Searches were carried out in his house.

The Russian TASS agency, citing a source close to the businessman, reported that due to the sanctions imposed on him, Aven was allowed to spend no more than £2,500 per month (about $3,000) on himself. At the same time, the British authorities said that he spends much more and “lives beyond his means.”

“Without a cleaning lady and a driver”: Aven complained about life without money

Back in late March, after the introduction of personal sanctions against him, Aven told reporters of the Financial Times how hard it is for him to live without access to frozen bank accounts. In particular, the billionaire complained that he could not hire a cleaning lady and a driver. Also, according to him, everything that he “built for 30 years” turned out to be “completely destroyed” due to the sanctions.

“We don’t understand how to survive,” the Russian businessman commented on his situation then.

Sanctions against Petr Aven

Peter Aven, co-owner of the Alfa Group consortium, fell under EU sanctions on February 28 because of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, along with other Russian officials and businessmen. On March 1, he decided to leave the board of directors of Alfa-Bank. The UK imposed sanctions on Aven on March 15.

According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Aven is worth $5 billion.


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