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We know What color are the most beautiful and desirable eyes - 1.5 million French people have them

What is the most beautiful eye color? Maybe not the one with which one do you think…

Beauty is it only a question of subjectivity? ? Those who look into the question a little know that no, and that there is an element of social construction in everything that relates to beauty. Authors like Kant, Saint-Augustin or Bourdieu have a lot to offer. say on the subject, but let's just keep to the point. the idea that we can have a fairly common opinion of what is beautiful in a culture or society.

In a recent study, a contact lens seller, the company Lensstore, based in the United Kingdom, led the a very interesting experience. The researchers used Use photos of a man and a woman to create different "profiles" on three different dating apps. But there is a malice: they manipulated the color of the eyes of these characters, changing them from blue, brown, green, hazel, black, to purple. The aim of the maneuver was to determine the impact of this variation on the success of these profiles in the world of online dating.

The results are significant: among women, hazel eyes are the most popular, garnering 20.19% of preferences, far ahead of other colors. Blue, green, brown and black were at the back of the pack. In men, the data is quite different: the most attractive eye color turned out to be blue precisely, obtaining 27.17% of matches, but very little. s close to brown with 21.97%, while green collected 16.46%. Hazelnut, very popular in women, falls to 15.03%, just ahead of black at 15.03%. 10.98%.

The little game of dating sites is fun. But if we look at larger panel studies and more scientific methodologies, another color emerges quite unanimously.

The Most desired eye color is…

Imagine that beauty Eye color is a subject on which a real majority emerges. Several surveys with the largest samples give fairly homogeneous results. And the eye color considered the most beautiful is green according to these studies. carried out recently by "All about vision" with 66,000 people. They were when asked about the most attractive eye color according to them. Here are their preferences:

1. Green: 20.3%
2. Light blue: 16.9%
3. Hazel: 16%
4. Dark blue: 15.2%
/> 5. Grey: 10.9%
6. Honey: 7.9%
7. Amethyst: 6.9%
8. Brown: 5. 9%

If green emerges from the very large majority; opinion studies, there is a reason, as highlighted in this expert blog dedicated to à the eye which mentions one of these surveys: the color green is the rarest in the world, only 2% of the world population has green eyes. Rare and therefore precious? In France, this represents around 1.5 million people.

Teilor Stone

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