We know what to do next with Andrzej Piaseczny. Will we see the singer again in “Dancing with the Stars”


Polsat announced the decision in the case of Andrzej Piaseczny.

 We know what to do next with Andrzej Piaseczny. Will we see the singer in

According to the “Super Express” portal, Polsat made a final decision regarding Andrzej Piaseczny and his future in “Dancing with the stars”. Can the singer's fans breathe a sigh of relief? We know the full jury of the dance show!

Who will appear in “Dancing with the Stars”?

Polsat station decided to reveal new information on the autumn framework. One of the information is the composition of the jury of the new season of “Dancing with the Stars”. It turns out that among the judges there will be Andrzej Piaseczny, who was not sure about the future of the dance show.

Apart from the singer, the jury of “Dancing with the Stars” will again include Iwona Pavlović, Michał Malitowskia, and the actor Andrzej Grabowski. The show will be hosted by Krzysztof Ibisz, Paulina Sykut-Jeżyna and Izabella Janachowska.

It is also no longer a secret whose struggles on the dance floor we will have the opportunity to watch. Wed & oacute; The most popular detective in Poland, Krzystof Rutkowski, Maja Włoszczowska, Wiesław Nowobilski (construction manager from the “Nasz New Home” program), as well as the stars of the “First Love” series: Łukasz Płoszajski and Michał Mikołajczak, will appear.

Tanceczne the show is to be broadcast on Monday evenings on Polsat.

Not only dance

Polsat viewers will once again have the opportunity to watch the struggle in “Hell & rsquo; s Kitchen. Hell's Kitchen. ” The program returns after a long pause. So far, the station has completed the 6th season of the program. The first 5th was led by the boss of Modest Amaro, the 6th by the boss, Michał Bryś.

This time Mateusz Gessler will take over the helm of Hell's Kitchen. The program is scheduled to debut on Wednesday, August 31, 2022 at 8:00 p.m.

Enjoy the Sand with will he judge the stars' dance struggles?


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