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This bad habit is spreading on the roads and motorists are exposed to a fine.

Some motorists are taking liberties with the Highway Code. More and more according to road safety which denounces, with figures to support it, the increase in bad behavior in cars. This will not surprise anyone, the use of smartphones is particularly singled out. However, almost everyone knows that what to expect if caught using a mobile phone while driving: using a smartphone while driving is punishable by a fine of 135 euros and the loss of 3 points on your driving license. Other offenses, however, are much less well-known among motorists, who sometimes become disillusioned when they are stopped by the police.

This phenomenon is quite often observed. à proximity traffic lights which help regulate traffic between road users. For 100% of drivers, the traffic light rule is clear for two colors: green I go, red I stop. But what does the Highway Code really say? from the moment when ù the fire passes à l'orange ? If we sent an extra-terrestrial down to earth to observe the attitude of motorists ' approaching an orange light, there is no doubt that he would have a hard time getting there. guess it.

We see many motorists doing it at a light, yet it is prohibited and punishable by a fine.

Some brake to stop, others continue their journey or even accelerate to cross the light before it turns red. Among the latter, a large number believe they are doing so completely legally, as if the color orange offered a final delay in crossing the intersection. The Highway Code is however very clear on the issue, article R412-31 stipulating that “all drivers must stop in front of a fixed yellow traffic light. There is only one situation in which crossing the orange light is tolerated, and that is “if the driver can no longer stop his vehicle”. vehicle in safe conditions sufficient." This exception applies if the risk of braking suddenly could cause an accident, in particular if the vehicle is closely followed by another who could also have been tempted not to stop. ;ecirc;ter.

Failing to slow down and stop in front of an orange light without extenuating circumstances is punishable by a second class fine, the the culprit is therefore summoned to to pay 35 euros. On the other hand, unlike failure to respect a red light – punished with a fine of 135 euros and a withdrawal of 4 points on the license -, only the police can note this offense because the cam' The lights placed on the traffic lights are not programmed to identify passing vehicles. orange. Which is no reason to play with fire.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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