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We see them everywhere on the roads, what is the meaning of these yellow stakes ?

What are these stakes topped with a little yellow hat located along the roads for??

This doesn't look like the road signs we're used to seeing on the side of the road. They are not round, square, triangle or diamond shaped. They are not white, nor are they red or blue. However, it happens that you come across them by car, both in town and outside. countryside. Maybe you already have one. saw a metal stake surmounted by a small yellow roof on which a number is written in black. And like many, you passed by without knowing what its meaning was.

If you have been looking for in the Highway Code, it is possible that the answer still escapes you. And for good reason, this installation has nothing to do with it. to do with security road, or indirectly. This is a beacon that is used to report the presence of a natural gas transport pipeline. It is possible to come across the same beacon but with a small red roof, this time it will not be a conduit used to transport the vehicle. transport gas but liquid, such as oil or fuel for example.

We see them everywhere on the roads, what is the meaning of these yellow stakes ?

The number indicated is on the triangle allows as for à him to establish a map of the network of underground pipes, do not confuse it, for example, with any kilometer marker. These terminals are particularly useful during work, they will alert workers to the presence of buried networks. They therefore ensure the security of of the people carrying out the work and by extension that of local residents or even the protection of the environment.

These stakes topped with a small yellow or red hat are not only found along the roads. Many gas pipes cross the basement of agricultural operations in France. In this case it is not uncommon to see stakes flowering in the middle of the fields. But the next time you pass in front of one of these stakes located on the edge of the road, they will normally no longer have any secrets from you. And you will no longer have any reason to fear committing a traffic offense for an unknown reason.

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