We understand whether it is possible for an adult to sleep without a pillow at all


August 5, 2022, 11:06 | Medicine

What experts advise.

We are figuring out whether it is possible for an adult to sleep without a pillow at all< /p>

This question is asked by people who believe that they do not sleep well on a pillow. Can it be removed completely? What will happen to sleep in this case? What will he be then? And is it possible to replace the pillow with something if it does not suit you?

Is it possible to sleep without a pillow

Despite the fact that that there is no unequivocal answer to this question (serious research on how the quality of life will change if you sleep without a pillow has not been conducted) — many experts do not advise doing without it. Why? We will present the arguments of experts, informs Ukr.Media.

Arguments of specialists

For many of us, such a dream turns into torment. Firstly, if you lie without a pillow on your back, your neck stretches in your sleep, your head falls back without support, which means that you will not get the expected comfort. Doctors explain: this posture is not physiological for us. In this position, the vessels of the neck are squeezed, which means that the flow of blood to the brain becomes difficult. You yourself understand that this oxygen starvation of the body will not bring anything good.

Secondly, the spine must remain straight during sleep. With a natural curve in the neck area. If you fall asleep without a pillow, lying on your side, the blood will begin to flow to the head. And this threatens other problems: increased load on blood vessels, headache.

Thirdly, sleeping without a pillow on the stomach is also not very physiological (although there is an opinion that it is on the stomach that we can do without head support the easiest). It is not recommended to sleep on the stomach at all – so as not to squeeze the internal organs. Let's add that osteochondrosis and scoliosis (curvature of the spine) can develop from incorrect body position. And also that the lack of a pillow can provoke apnea. In this case, night snoring can appear even in those who did not have it. We think that the arguments in favor of the pillow have been mentioned enough.

What can replace the pillow

Often, it is unnatural posture in a dream that can lead to some health problems. Therefore, experts advise to buy a good orthopedic pillow. How to choose it? It should be moderately elastic (too soft or hard pillows are an extreme option). Importantly! The height of the pillow should correspond to the width of your shoulders. This is necessary so that when you sleep on your side, your head lies flat, your neck does not bend. And the shoulder on which you sleep is not clamped. Experts often recommend pillows made of natural latex: because of the shape memory effect.

People often replace pillows with sleeping pads. A moderately hard roller is placed under the neck to preserve its natural curve and relieve the spine. But this type of pillow is suitable only for those who sleep on their backs. If you are not used to sleeping with a pillow, it can be quite difficult for you.

When it is time to change the pillow

If the filler in the pillow began to collect in lumps, you feel pain in the neck or shoulders after sleep, wake up with a headache – think about the fact that it's time to part with the old one and buy a new one.


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