Wealth afloat. On the island of St. Barts began a “parade” of yachts of billionaires

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  • Wealth afloat. Billionaire yacht parade has begun on St. Barts

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  •  Wealth afloat - Billionaire yacht 'parade' begins on St. Barts

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  • Wealth afloat. On Billionaire Yacht 'Parade' begins on St. Barts


  •  Wealth afloat. Billionaire yacht parade begins on St. Barts

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  •  Wealth afloat - Billionaire yacht parade begins on St. Barts


  • Wealth afloat. On Billionaire Yacht 'Parade' Begins on St. Barts

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 Wealth afloat. Billionaire yacht parade begins on St. Barts Island /></p><p>Billionaires have begun to arrive in the Caribbean to traditionally celebrate the New Year on the beach.</p><p> Related video</p><p >After Christmas, the Caribbean's annual “billionaires' parade” begins when the world's wealthy moor their luxurious yachts off the fashionable island of St. Barts, or St. Barthélemy, a French overseas possession. Now there are yachts worth several billion dollars. True, regulars, Russian oligarchs, are not visible in St. Barts this year, after the imposition of sanctions, they are choosing more democratic places to relax, where their luxury yachts will not be arrested. Forbes writes about this.</p><p>The island of St. Barthélemy, or St. Barts, became popular among the rich after Rockefeller bought two plots of land here in 1957 and built a luxurious villa.</p><p >Since then, the island has become a cult among the rich and famous. And after Christmas, those who can afford it usually celebrate the New Year here. The annual collection of luxury yachts has already been called the “billionaire parade” here.</p><p><img decoding=

 Wealth afloat. Billionaire yacht parade begins on St. Barts Island p></p><p>Many of the yachts are worth millions of dollars and boast helipads, gyms, swimming pools and other luxuries.</p><p>The billionaires' moorage off the coast of a Caribbean island known for its white sand beaches and designer shops looked a little less crowded this year without traditional Russian superyachts, but has already amassed a solid list of big-name guests.</p><p>Bernie Ecclestone, former F1 boss , arrived in his Force Blue, which was formerly owned by his former partner, Flavio Briatore.</p><p>He purchased it for $25 million after it was confiscated from Briatore for unpaid taxes and sold at auction.</p><p> ></p><p>Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones bought the 357-foot Bravo Eugenia from Dutch firm Oceanco for $250 million. And he named her after his wife Eugenia. The annual maintenance costs of the yacht range from 15 to 20 million dollars.</p><p>And the music mogul and rapper P Diddy is vacationing in St. Barts on the Victorious yacht. She was built by Ak Yachts in Turkey and boasts a chic classic interior. It can be rented for $850,000 a week.</p><p>The rapper's yacht features a 10-seat cinema, heated pool, hammamm, aft deck Jacuzzi and a dazzling upper deck with panoramic lounge.</p><p>Meanwhile, pictures from the sunny shoreline show Ernesto Bertarelli, the youngest billionaire Italy on his yacht Vava, and producer David Geffen on his yacht Rising Sun.</p><p>Geffen is famous for its chic New Year's Eve parties, where you can meet Julia Roberts, Leonardo DiCaprio, Bruce Springsteen, Maria Shriver, Oprah Winfrey and Orlando Bloom, and this is not the whole list of his usual guests.</p><p><img decoding=

 Wealth afloat:

< p>Wealth afloat. Billionaire yacht 'parade' began on St. Barts

It was on this yacht that Geffen and his crew of 45 self-isolated in the Grenadines during the COVID-19 pandemic.< /p>

And game developer Dave Hagewood is vacationing in the Caribbean on a Galaxy that was inspired by the Burning Man festival.

This arena st was the first in a US government sanctions initiative to “seize and freeze” giant ships and other high-priced assets of the Russian elite in an attempt to increase pressure on Putin in response to the invasion of Ukraine.

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