Weather and fires prompt Suncor to temporarily close refinery

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Weather and fires prompt Suncor to temporarily close refinery

Suncor is also in the crosshairs of the authorities for occupational health and safety issues.

Suncor Energy announces the temporary closure of a refinery in State of Colorado through March 2023 following multiple fires and recent weather events.

The company says its Commerce City refinery, which processes some 98,000 barrels a day, was damaged by extreme weather conditions that hit the mainland United States in recent days. Decommissioning began on December 24.

In addition to weather, further damage was caused by a pump fire on December 19. Fire alerts were also issued on December 22 and 24.

According to Suncor, another fire broke out on December 27 when company crews were busy taking the refinery out of service to inspect it and make necessary repairs.

The company says no one was injured and maintains that the air quality in the surrounding area poses no serious health risk.

Suncor recently attracted the attention of occupational health and safety authorities in connection with the deaths of at least 12 workers at its Alberta operations since 2014. Authorities that regulate the petroleum industry off Newfoundland and Labrador also filed charges against the company for failing to meet its safety obligations.

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