Wedding Summer 2022. How much should be put in the envelope for the bride and groom


Wedding and wedding costs went up. How much do the bride and groom need to put in the envelope in order not to be overwhelmed by shame?

Wedding summer 2022. How much should be put in the envelope for the bride and groom

The decision about a wedding is usually well thought out and organized in every respect, and is especially financially refined.

The amount put in the wedding envelope depends on the degree of kinship with the bride and groom

As we all know, wedding ceremonies and weddings involve huge financial resources, which are often one of the main obstacles ; d standing in the way of the bride and groom legalizing their relationship.

Especially now that inflationary prices are soaring, wedding and wedding costs are dizzying. Therefore, the bride and groom counts on financial compensation from the money received in envelopes from wedding guests.

As reported by Gazeta Pomorska, in 2022 the cost of organizing a classic wedding was increased to around PLN 65,000. You should take into account the increase in the price of hairdressing and beauty services, music, as well as the work of a photographer.

The wedding hall and wedding catering also increased significantly. The age-old question arises about the amount that should be put in a wedding envelope for a young couple.

As it turns out, the current trends indicate a minimum of PLN 1000 per parent, the same amount from parent to godparents, siblings should put in Envelopes minimum PLN 700, and witnesses, like parents and godparents, minimum PLN 1000.

Of course, you should add the amount you spend on yourself as a wedding guest, possible travel and accommodation on the spot.

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