Wednesday: A Gothic and Burtonian Trailer for Netflix's Addams Family


Wednesday, the spin-off series of the Addams family on Netflix, finally offers its first trailer and we already find the paw of Tim Burton.

Does black comedy have a chance on Netflix and will Tim Burton succeed in impressing again in his favorite genre? That's the bet of Wednesday, a new iteration of the adventures of the cult Addams family. The macabre, but irresistible universe of Charles Addams (which has had many versions in the cinema) will have to convince again on the streaming platform. Taking for heroine Wednesday Addams, the eldest daughter, austere and sinister, it is also an opportunity for her interpreter, Jenna Ortega, to mark the spirits in an iconic role which seems to suit her rather well so far.

And this first impression could well be confirmed since while the new images of the series have just been unveiled, a first trailer, just out of the oven, shows us even more :

A very appetizing trailer that does not show us more than the synopsis tells us. We discover a joyfully dangerous and ferocious Wednesday. Bloody scenes already on screen cheer up (the piranha-based revenge sets the tone) and Jenna Ortega seems absolutely at ease in the exercise. It appears here as the great strength of the series, which is rather encouraging. The whole quirky universe, mixing humor, mystery and horror, unfolds with a certain panache.

It remains to be seen what place the rest of the Addams family will take in the story, here further back. Also, the quality of the plot within the Nevermore Academy seems quite promising (between detective story and occultism)but will have to manage to contain the delicate tone of the work over several episodes, while captivating a new audience. Who says Netflix, also says young audience and not necessarily connoisseur of the vast original license, so the question will be to see how Miles Millar and Alfred Gough (creators of the series) will manage to find the compromise between fidelity and originality, vis-à-vis vis-à-vis their grassroots support and a wider audience.

In production and direction, we find Tim Burton for whom this new Addams Family is a project from the heart. We can already detect his aesthetics and a certain signature of the filmmaker in the images that the trailer shows us, in a register that evokes his most recent works. Via a visual grammar closer to Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children or Alice in Wonderland than the legendary Edward Scissorhands, strong>the director just might give the show everything it needs to shine.

Apart from Jenna Ortgea, the cast is only glimpsed, but we still noticed Gwendoline Christie, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Luis Guzmán, whose score seems quite well found. If everyone plays their part well, and if the cast of characters in Nevermore is good enough, Wednesday could be a surprise hit on Netflix.

In the meantime, no specific release date has yet been revealed, but that should be soon from now on.


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