Welcome dinner 6pm protects the heart from diseases

Scientists say that taking dinner to 6:00 PM is able to protect the heart from negative influences. Otherwise dramatically increases the likelihood of developing diseases of this important organ.

Прием ужина до 6 вечера оберегает сердце от болезней

The team of specialists at Columbia University in new York in the course of the experiment, which was attended by 112 young women, watched them throughout the year. Women who were aged 35 years and older, conducted special electronic diaries, locking them in evening meals. After the end of the experiments, the experts compared the actual probability of damage to the heart over dinner. Scientists have found that ladies who ate hearty before bed, had a risk of heart disease. In some cases there was an increase in blood pressure, marked by a high body mass index due to weak control over the level of blood sugar and “bad” cholesterol.

To protect the heart from diseases it is necessary to move the evening meal to an earlier time, suggest experts. It’s important to give up bad habits, including Smoking. It should be exercise, follow a healthy diet and to monitor the performance of pressure, in this case, there is minimal risk of damage to the heart and blood vessels.

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