Welcoming 112,000 Immigrants to Quebec: Trudeau Forced to Explain

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Home of 112,000 immigrants in Quebec: Trudeau forced to explain himself

Under fire from critics after claiming that Quebec currently has the capacity to welcome 112,000 immigrants per year, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau clarified his thinking on Tuesday.

Faced with disapproving comments from the Quebec Minister of Immigration and some opposition parties in the Commons, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau insisted on Tuesday to clarify his comments on Quebec's “capacity” to welcome up to ;to 112,000 immigrants per year.

In an end-of-year interview with The Canadian Press, Mr. Trudeau had mentioned this figure in his answer to a question on this subject .

Quebec currently has the full capacity to welcome 112,000 immigrants per year. […] It's an observation, he said on Monday.

The Prime Minister was challenged by the fact that Quebeckers represent 22.3% of the Canadian population and that this figure of 112,000 therefore corresponds to the proportion of the 500,000 immigrants that his government recently announced that it wanted to welcome each year. here 2025.

On Tuesday, Mr. Trudeau returned to his remarks during question period, Bloc and Conservatives accusing him of interfering in the decision of Quebec to set their own immigration thresholds.

I did not offer numbers for Quebec, he argued. I recognized that Quebec had the capacity to increase its immigration thresholds if it wanted to. [Quebec authorities] have these powers because we recognize the importance Quebec has in protecting the French language and the Quebec nation.

Yet, during the year-end interview, he did mention 112,000 in response to a question.

I'm not trying to recommend it [the number of 112,000 immigrants] either, then qualified Mr. Trudeau.

Prime Minister François Legault has always insisted that it is up to Quebec to choose its immigrants.

Journalists from The Canadian Press had just brought to his attention the discrepancy between the figure of 112,000 immigrants and the thresholds of 50,000 and 70,000 which were mentioned respectively, during the provincial election campaign, by the government of François Legault and by the Quebec Liberal Party. Québec solidaire has proposed that the province receive 60,000 to 80,000 newcomers per year.

The Prime Minister explained his findings by referring to the agreement between Quebec and Ottawa on immigration, which he said gives Quebec all the tools necessary to welcome 112,000 immigrants.

In his exchanges with the Commons, Mr. Trudeau argued that this is a decision for Quebec and we respect the jurisdictions at this level.

However, the official Conservative opposition rather interpreted the Prime Minister's remarks as a directive, summarized in the press scrum his political lieutenant for Quebec, Pierre Paul-Hus.

Mr. Trudeau says: “We can have up to 112,000 immigrants in Quebec.” The Government of Quebec says: "No. We calculated that for us, to properly welcome immigrants, it's 50,000." So, Mr. Trudeau is indirectly making a form of effort [to] impose an immigration threshold for Quebec, which we consider should not be done, he said.

Bloquiste leader Yves-François Blanchet

Bloquiste leader Yves-François Blanchet also believes that Mr. Trudeau wants to impose his vision.

In 24 hours, the Prime Minister says that Quebec must welcome 112,000 immigrants. "Oh! I don't impose it, but all the other times he said he would like to impose it, he mentioned during question period.

Mr. Blanchet further suggested that the federal government is in no position to speak because of delays in processing immigration files.

Should he redo his homework and let Quebec manage both immigration and French? thundered Mr. Blanchet.

Quebec Minister of Immigration, Christine Fréchette

On the side of the government of François Legault, the Minister of Immigration, Francisation and Integration, Christine Fréchette, declared in writing that Mr. Trudeau's comments seem “insensitive”.

It's up to Quebec and Quebec alone to determine its immigration thresholds, she said. underline. The minister was not available for an interview on Tuesday.

According to her, Quebec has a double challenge, which is unique in Canada, to tackle labor shortages while halting the decline of French, which Mr. Trudeau seems to remain oblivious to, she added.

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