Welfare Pension 2022: This is the new date for registration in April after the electoral ban


It is very important to point out that for the registration of an older adult in the 2022 Welfare Program it is necessary that they be under 65 years of age

Pension del Bienestar 2022: This is the new date for registration in April after the electoral ban

These are the dates for registering the 2022 Welfare Pension for Older Adults.Credits: Minuto México Written in ACTUALIDAD on 4/13/2022 · 08:46 am Share this article

After the political exercise of the Revocation of the Mandate, the programs imposed by the Ministry of Welfare return to normal after applying the electoral ban. Among those that stands out  the Wellness Pension for Older Adults, which will open a new registration period or registration From April 18 to 30, 2022, so you should be very attentive so you don't miss it.

Although in some places in the Mexican Republic The electoral ban has already been lifted, in states such as Aguascalientes, Durango, Hidalgo, Oaxaca, Quintana Roo and Tamaulipas, said registration will continue to be suspended due to the elections to select the next governors of said entities.&nbsp ;

What are the requirements to enroll in the 2022 Wellness Program?

It is very important to note that for the registration of an older adult to the 2022 Wellness Program It is necessary that you are under 65 years of age and that you are not enrolled in another pension program since it will not be valid.

Pension del Bienestar 2022: This is the new date for registrations in April after the electoral ban

To start with the registration process it is necessary to go to a registration module, which must correspond to your town and municipality, which you can check through the page locatumodulo.bienestar.gob.mx/index.

On the other hand, you can request the data by calling the Wellbeing Line (800 639 4264). For the process it will be necessary for the interested party to have at hand the following documentation in original and copy.

  • CURP
  • Birth certificate 
  • Identification oficial
  • Proof of address

For all older adults who go to the registry of the Wellness Program2022, they will be able to go with an assistant who must carry the same documentation. Taking into account that the person designated as assistant will be empowered to carry out other procedures on behalf of the beneficiary.  

If the person who wants to enter the registry of the Wellness Program 2022 You are not yet 65 years old but you are close to turning 65, you need to observe the following calendar to be able to register on the exact date.

  • Born between January-April: from April 18-30.
  • Born between May-June: from June 15-30.
  • Born between July-August: July 1-15.
  • Born between September-October: September 1-15.
  • Born between November-December: November 1-15 .

It is worth mentioning that the Wellness Pension is an aid that is made with a bimonthly deposit of 3,850 pesos; that can be received directly to a Welfare Card issued by the Welfare Bank (Bansefi); or by presenting the payment order at the teller windows of the Telecomm or the bank mentioned above.



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