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West Side Story returns In Paris: "History reflects the best and worst of humanity" /></p>
<p>INTERVIEW. The cult musical comedy West Side Story is back. Paris, from October 20 to December 31, 2023 at the Théâtre du Châtelet. We were able to interview Lonny Price, director of the show. </p>
<p><em>West Side Story</em>, the cult musical comedy, is back Paris. A new version of this timeless classic, which will be performed at the Théâtre du Châtelet, from October 20 to December 31, 2023. It is the American director Broadway actor Lonny Price, who took on the role of à the task of this new chapter of a show repeated so many times since its creation by Leonard Bernstein, Jerome Robbins, Arthur Laurents and Stephen Sondheim in 1956 – <em>West Side Story</em> a Summer played for the first time at Broadway in September 1957.</p>
<p>“Revisiting such a beloved work adds extra pressure, but the reason it's so beloved is because it's excellent!” The Internet user at a few days from the first to Paris.</p>
<p>"When I was offered this opportunity, I jumped. on it."</p>
<p>'The show is one of the jewels of American musical theater, with one of the most brilliant scores ever written for theater, let alone the Mr. Robbins’s iconic and dazzling choreography. I have seen several revivals of the show, and although I enjoyed it, Each of them, sometimes the interpretations seemed less important than the dancing. I set myself We aim to make the scenes as viscerally exciting as the dance. “It was a challenge and I was delighted to take it on,” adds the director.</p>
<h2>The timeless story of < em>West Side Story</em></h2>
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Director Lonny Price © Whitney Browne

View and review on stage as in the cinema, until 2021 with Steven Spielberg's version, the comedy ;musical West Side Storystill seems current. For Lonny Price, the show “tells a story that is still relevant. A young love, face to face a cruel world filled with violence, prejudice and xenophobia. Unfortunately, our world still embodies all of these things as much as it did when the show was released. created in 1956, and as long as there is love and hate in the world, West Side Story will always be relevant.

History reflects the best and the worst of humanity.

Lonny Price decided to decide to focus its staging on the fact of qualifying the famous American dream, at the heart of the story of West Side Story, but which This was actually not the case. than a myth. The plot features two rival gangs clashing in the New York neighborhood of the Upper West Side, the Jets, Irish and Polish, against the Sharks, Puerto Rican immigrants. This ideal of the American dream, according to Lonny Price, excludes "" both the Jets because of their socio-economic situation and of course the Sharks because of the color of their skin."

He adds: "The truth’ is that the American dream has always been more a dream than a reality. We start the show with the Statue of Liberty. torn apart, as we begin to deconstruct this dream in real time."

This 2023 version of the show will obviously be an opportunity for spectators to hear again the great songs that took part in the show. à popularity of West Side Story, such as Maria, America or Tonight.

The dates of West Side Story< /em> at the Châtelet theater in Paris

The world tour of this new production of West Side Storyat the beginning mid-December 2022 to Munich, before performances throughout Europe until June 2023, then a burst of dates in Asia and finally, Paris in Paris. fall 2023.West Side Story plays at the Théâtre du Châtelet in Paris from October 20 to December 31, 2023.

This is the third time that this cult show has been performed in the capital. The last time, in 2017 at the Seine Musicale, sold out from the opening, had once again proven its worth. that West Side Storyis and will remain a huge success. “As long as young people fall in love, this story will sing to us all,” would summarize Lonny Price, who hopes that his version of West Side Story will give spectators “that” impression of watching it for the very first time."

West Side Story on tour in France

After its passage to Paris, at the Châtelet theater, the West Side Story troupe will be on tour throughout France. Here are the dates: 

  • Bordeaux: February 9 to 18, 2024 – Bordeaux Opera
  • Lyon: February 21 to 25, 2024 – Amphitheater 3000
  • Rouen: March 1 to 3, 2024 – Le Zénith 
  • Nantes: 5 to 10 March 2024 – Le Zénith
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