Western Canada wants commitment from Ottawa on export of natural resources

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Western Country Wants Commitment from Ottawa on Exporting Natural Resources

Alberta Trade Minister Rajan Sawhney hopes Ottawa will do more to diversify natural resource export market from the west of the country. (File photo)

Western provinces want the federal government to make a stronger commitment to increasing natural resource exports to Asia.

In November, the Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mélanie Joly, unveiled a strategy aimed at strengthening ties with the countries of this continent in order to counter the growing influence of China.

Alberta Commerce Minister Rajan Sawhney said the federal strategy is a good start, but it requires greater commitment to include the export of fuels, such as liquefied natural gas to the United States. #x27;East Asia.

Experts from the Prairie provinces lament that their region has disproportionate trade ties with China. Any conflict between Ottawa and Beijing can therefore have serious repercussions on the economy.

These experts also stressed that Canada needs to respond more effectively to abrupt changes in the way countries import their agricultural products.

Ms. amended to better reflect the needs of their region.

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