WestJet: 31 flights canceled on Monday

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WestJet: 31 flights are canceled Monday

Over 200 WestJet airline flights have been canceled during the weekend due to a computer failure.

On Monday, 31 WestJet flights were canceled, the airline said in a statement. It highlights in particular a gradual return to service after a computer failure on Saturday and winter weather conditions.

The company has however added 10 additional emergency flights for travelers whose flight has been canceled.

The company advises that delays and cancellations will continue to occur in the next 24 hours.

WestJet invites travelers to visit its website and mobile application for the most up-to-date information. more up to date. She asks them not to contact the company more than 72 hours before their flight to ensure priority calls.

More than 200 WestJet flights were canceled over the weekend due to a computer outage that stemmed from a cooling issue in the main data center of the airline.

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