What are the holidays November 18, 2020: traditions, signs, rituals

What are the holidays November 18, 2020: traditions, signs, rituals

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November 18 is Mickey Mouse's official birthday

Mickey Mouse's birthday and Sergeant's Day in Ukraine are the most interesting events on November 18 on Korrespondent.net.

In the Gregorian calendar, November 18 is the 322nd day of the year (323rd in leap years). There are 43 days left until the end of the year.

What are the holidays 18 November

  • European Children's Day against Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse
  • International Philosophy Day (every third Thursday in November)
  • Father Frost's birthday in Russia.
  • Day of the sergeant of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

What are the holidays November 18, 2020: traditions, signs, rituals

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What events took place on November 18

  • 1626 Pope Urban VIII consecrated St. Peter's Cathedral in Rome.
  • 1775 – division into 50 provinces was introduced in the Russian Empire according to the decree of Empress Catherine II.
  • 1883 – the introduction of a unified system for determining the time in the United States (before that time, each city set the time itself).
  • 1865 – Mark Twain's first story The Famous Jumping Frog is published in the Saturday Press.
  • 1928 – Walt Disney's sound cartoon Steamboat Willie with his favorite character Mickey Mouse was released. This day is considered the official birthday of Mickey Mouse.
  • 2003 – The Massachusetts Supreme Court ruled the deprivation of the right to marriage of representatives of sexual minorities inappropriate. The state became the first in America to recognize gay marriage.

Who was born on November 18

  • 1828 – English geneticist John Down, who discovers Down syndrome.
  • 1859 – Ukrainian lawyer, historian, writer, translator Kost Levytsky.
  • 1901 – American statistician George Gallup, founder of the sociological service of the same name.
  • 1913 – Ukrainian composer, author of operas, symphonies and symphonic poems, songs and romances Georgy Mayboroda.

Folk and church holidays 18 November

The church calendar on November 18 honors the memory of the Martyrs Galaktion and Epistima, St. Jonah, Archbishop of Novgorod, as well as Saints Patrov, Erma, Lin, Gaius and the Philologist – the apostles from among the 70 disciples of the Savior.

Popularly , Jonah's day was associated with traditions regarding marriage and marriage.

Traditions and rites

The girls prayed for a good husband and a happy marriage, and those who wanted to get married faster threw small coins, pins, buttons, beads and handicrafts around their house at dawn to attract suitors.

Guys who wanted to find a bride for themselves had to leave the house early and find the signs left for them.

In the old days, it was believed that a groom could be “dried” on Jonah. To do this, they took a bath broom with bare rods, pulled one out of it and put it on the threshold.

As soon as the chosen one stepped over it, entering the house, the twig had to be hidden right away, and on a bath day, put in a place where it was dry and warm, and a conspiracy was pronounced.

Also, by the twig it was possible to determine how in love the groom was. If the twig dries out quickly, it means that you can rely on the guy's feelings, but if it remains damp, it means that “drying” did not affect the young man.

Signs November 18

  • If it starts snowing on this day, the winter will be snowy and frosty and winter crops will grow well.
  • If hummocks have formed on the rivers, then there will be plenty of bread, and if there is almost no ice on the reservoirs, then the harvest will not be very rich.

Who has a name day today

Name days on November 18 are celebrated: Gabriel, Gregory, Timofey, Tikhon.

What are the holidays November 18, 2020: traditions, signs, rituals

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