What aromas mice are afraid of like fire, or how to save the house from rodents


    April 27, 2022, 17:05 | Science and technology

    Rodents have an excellent sense of smell.

    What aromas mice fear like fire , or how to save the house from rodents

    Life in a house with mice can turn into a real hell for the owners. After all, it is extremely difficult to evict these uninvited guests. The best option is quality prevention. You will not have to deal with an influx of rodents if you take care in time to prevent them from approaching the house, informs Ukr.Media.

    Rodents are distinguished by their excellent sense of smell. There are smells that they simply cannot stand and if they smell them, they will not come a step closer. It is these smells that will be discussed in this article.

    Melted rubber

    The smell of burning rubber causes real panic attacks in rats and mice. They will immediately hide in an unknown direction. To scare off pests, it is necessary to set fire to a rubber product in an old metal basin. Also, after that, you can spread the rubber remains in some places. The huge advantage of this method is that the rodents will not return for another six months, if not more.


    Many people have heard that vinegar repels insects, but few know that rodents cannot tolerate its smell. Even if mice have already settled in the room, treat all surfaces with a vinegar solution so that the concentrated smell remains. Pests will immediately flee.


    It works in the same way as vinegar. The premises should be treated with turpentine. The slaughter mixture is turpentine in combination with kerosene. If you treat the room with such a liquid, mice are unlikely to ever appear in your house again.

    Burnt feathers, wool or fluff

    You can set fire to an old feather pillow, an unnecessary down jacket or a holey woolen sock. The remains after burning can be spread in the corners of the room. The ash formed as a result of burning can be mixed with putty and sprinkled over “mouse tracks”. Rodents will leave the room.

    Birch tar

    Take an unnecessary rag and dip it in birch tar. Scatter these rags in the corners. Done! Mice will no longer disturb.


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