What awaits each zodiac sign in these difficult times. Weekly horoscope for July 18-24


This week it is important that all representatives of the zodiac signs monitor their words and actions.

 What awaits each sign of the zodiac in these difficult times. Weekly horoscope for July 18-24

& ldquo; Air & rdquo; Mercury enters the fiery sign of Leo, and this promises an increase in neuropsychic excitability, conflict, willingness to argue actively and not to listen to an alternative point of view.


This week is not the time to get creative. There may be a desire to manipulate a loved one, there will be a need to hide your feelings. You have success in your work that promises you great achievements. You will have to take responsibility which will force you to do your best, but the result will be profitable and financially measurable.


For many, Taurus this week will bring favorable changes. Without much effort, the situations will turn in your favor and the problems will resolve themselves. In fact, this is a natural result of previous work. In your personal life, not all good intentions will be realized.


Many representatives of Gemini will be directed to the past. Nostalgia, memories of past feelings, forgotten desires will force you to rethink a part of your real life and even make some adjustments to it. Perhaps an attempt will be made to visit memorable places, meet long-forgotten friends.


Overall, the week will be rich and varied in terms of events and emotions. July is traditionally a new period in the life of Cancer, summarizing the results of the past year and setting new tasks. Hence the feeling of a certain anxiety, heaviness due to the existing responsibility. Health will not bring you problems, and in family or personal life, on the contrary, urgent misunderstandings will have to be resolved.


Lions will find a way out of difficult and confusing situation. There will be new perspectives and a chance to avoid danger. In personal life & ndash; clarifying the relationship with your partner will undermine your inner peace. Relationship-free Lions will begin to actively consider their attitudes towards family life, someone will even decide to get married.


It takes will and perseverance to complete some important things that once started. You will be tested for strength and confidence. Sometimes it feels like the burden of responsibility is too heavy and you want to shed it, forgetting the consequences. But you shouldn't be doing this. It is also not recommended to start a new business during this period. Drama and separation await you in your personal life. A virgin after marriage may face the threat of divorce. But at work and in the profession, they will be very interesting and, most importantly, realistic perspectives.


For Libra, ethics, science and participation in events will be important this week. Relationships will begin to overcome negative trends, there are chances of bringing everything back to normal. For those who have left the relationship, there is a period of emotional recovery and the prospect of a new meeting. There are quite favorable trends and new ideas in the field of work and finance.


For Scorpio, it will bring many situations of personal responsibility in a week and fulfillment of previous promises. It is also advisable not to be bound by new commitments during this period. Single Scorpios will generate a lot of interest from the opposite sex, requests for a date.


This week, Sagittarius will be disappointed that he will have to postpone the implementation of plans, projects and solutions to outstanding problems. All of this will be done, but not in the near future. Therefore, you shouldn't waste your energy and emotions on something that is impossible to get right now.


Capricorns will feel an extraordinary desire to meditate, detach themselves from worldly problems and worries, and plunge into the world of esotericism, mystery and mysticism. However, this will not prevent them from quite strong and confident solving professional problems, obeying orders and stopping any attempts to rebel in the team.


This week, you may be explosive, emotionally unstable, and dissatisfied. You just have to survive this period. A calm and reliable partner, both in business and in marriage, will help. There is a chance to get acquainted with a person who in a sense & ldquo; stabilizes & rdquo; emotional state of irritability. Profession and finances will not suffer too much, because professionally Aquarius will be able to bring logic and extraordinary intelligence to the fore.


Fish will be in an emotional state uncertainty and here it is advisable to use the services of a psychotherapist. Unconscious emotional responses to ongoing events that Pisces cannot explain to themselves or others can be activated. Peace will reign in family life, but it is far from complete harmony.


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