What can be the problems when buying a used car with low mileage


July 3, 2022, 14:33 | Auto

In what cases should you be wary of cars with low mileage.

What can be the problems with buying a used car with low mileage

When buying a used car, before giving their blood, the potential owner pays attention to many factors, including the mileage. Many believe that the smaller it is, the better. However, this is not quite the case, informs Ukr.Media.

Low mileage is a decisive factor for many motorists when changing a car. Those who sell a car with low mileage will undercut the price. Those who buy, rejoice at a successful find, and completely forget about the problems that can be earned by buying such a car. So, when can low mileage become a headache?

When you come across a car with low mileage, but in years, this is a serious reason to think. After all, it is not necessary that the mileage was twisted before sale. The machine could be operated on short routes. And this is much worse than long-term exploitation.

The whole thing is that during short trips, the engine does not have time to warm up as it should. In addition, driving short distances can mean that the car was moving around the city in traffic jams. And this is a completely different wear of nodes and aggregates than when driving long distances. Lubricant with low mileage and low engine speed also degrades faster. And if it was not changed more often than usual, it could have a negative effect on the working surfaces of the engine.

​If the seller says that his car has not been used for a long time, and therefore such a low mileage, this is also a reason to think about buying it. With the beginning of active operation, at a minimum, you should expect a trick from the nozzles, which simply dry out without liquid circulation through them. And after antifreeze, lubricant, etc. start running on them again, and also under pressure, they immediately burst. The same thing happens with oil seals.

The normal mileage for a car is considered to be 15-20 thousand kilometers per year. If you multiply these numbers by the number of years of the car, then the resulting number should at least approximately coincide with the one shown by the odometer. If the car's on-board computer shows a much lower number of kilometers traveled, then such a car requires more careful attention and serious diagnostics.

Only a practically new car can have a low mileage. Everything else should raise suspicions in a potential buyer. After all, he is parting with his money, and he will have to absorb all the problems that can fall on his head if he buys a car with low mileage without serious study.


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