What dangerous ingredients of shampoo cause cancer

It turns out that a harmless shampoo can cause cancer.

Какие опасные составляющие шампуня вызывают рак

Experts say that in some shampoos contain ingredients that are quite harmful and even dangerous for the human body – they can become the root cause of cancer.

Very power tools that are in every house (and even in diverse abundance – not had time to finish one bottle, we rush to buy the next, driven by imposed by advertising). But that is part of these tools and how safe they are modestly silent manufacturers and biased advertisers. Therefore, it is important at this point to be a laudable curiosity and to know more about the components of this foam miracle that kills and a magnifying glass, and makes the hair strong and shiny.

Needless to say that when marketers use a variety of advertising models, and manufacturers save by adding poisonous, but cheap elements in the product. So what foods are particularly dangerous – let’s find out.

Some poor quality shampoos contain quite toxic and harmful substances:
1. Propylene Glycol (propylene glycol)
2. Mineral Oil or Paraffinum Liquidum (mineral oil)
3. DMDM Hydantoin diazolidinyl urea, Imidazalidol urea (formaldehyde)

So , Propylene Glycol — a petrochemical product and a component of brake fluid, a neurotoxin that can cause dermatitis. This stuff unscrupulous manufacturers sometimes replace more expensive ingredients of the shampoo, which are ideas designed to give your hair silky.

Mineral Oil (mineral oil) is prepared from oil! It is a mixture of hydrocarbons separated from gas. This tool is pretty cheap. They replace expensive vegetable oils that are added to shampoos. But the film of mineral oil delays the toxins that are excreted through the pores. And these toxins remain in our body, poisoning him, provoking the emergence of the ANCA and other unpleasant things, up to malignant tumors.

Formaldehyde, included in the shampoos typically use in the manufacture of linoleum and shampoo is used to extend the shelf life. They cause irritation of the throat, eyes and nose, and can trigger allergies, asthma and even contribute to cancer development.

Remember: the first in the list of ingredients the shampoo should be water — “Aqua”. The second component of the main surfactants (surfactants that cleanse the hair). It happens that in some form of shampoo their several species (in this case the a surfactant, which contains shampoo more, is in the second position, right after water, and one that is less than the third position, respectively).

Traditionally, the main surfactant is the sodium Laureth sulfate, and auxiliary – TEM sodium lauryl sulfate. TEM sulfates are the highest quality and expensive components, so slightly but needs to be part of!

4 position cocamidopropyl bethan — such a gentle cleaner, which perfectly softens the impact of aggressive Surfactants. In 5th place — oil or extracts to nourish hair and scalp. Completes the list of e — Рarfum (perfume), which gives the shampoo a pleasant scent. Remember, perfume should be minimal amount to overdose it does not become an allergen.

You can give the following advice based on this information: allowable surfactants in the shampoo – no more than 20% , but not less 10%; for children — 15%. Be sure to check the shampoo that are located in your bathroom and ruthlessly respirocytes harmful. Better give them to her husband in the garage for bathing “girls” – the car had problems with dandruff, of course not, but cancer does not threaten her.

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