What did the biggest Polish stars do at the beginning. The professions of Justyna Steczkowska, Joanna Kulig and others may be surprising

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The road to success turned out to be quite winding for some Polish stars. What did they do before becoming famous?

 What the biggest Polish stars did in the beginning. Professions of Justyna Steczkowska, Joanna Kulig and others may be surprising

Portal & ldquo; TVP Entertainment & rdquo; recalls the stories of several famous Polish stars who had to deal with more down-to-earth activities before they became popular.

Justyna Steczkowska

The singer had to deal with herself after entering adulthood because she comes from a family with many children and she could not count on financial support from her parents in realizing her passion.

Initially, she painted ceramic buttons, and bought food at sales. Contrary to appearances, she does not negatively mention that period in her life.

& ldquo; It was the best school in life, such moments are useful to all of us. Only then does a person appreciate how much love and support they receive from their parents & rdquo; & ndash; m & oacute; wiła Justyna Steczkowska in one of the interviews.

Mikołaj Roznerski

The actor was also engaged in various activities. Before he became a heartbreaker, he was involved in clearing snow from Warsaw streets in winter. He also handed out leaflets, which he recalls a bit worse because he had met many friends who were already working in the profession and he was still waiting for his breakthrough.

Agnieszka Dziekan

Before she became a weather presenter, Agnieszka Dziekan for several months she was employed in a slaughterhouse. In the meat processing plant, she had to wash aprons and clean the rooms dirty after slaughter. Even though it was very difficult for her, she decided not to resign and keep to the end of the contract.

Joanna Kulig

Joanna Kulig, on the other hand, first looked for her happiness abroad. In London, she worked in one of the used clothes stores.

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