What diseases can cause negative emotions

As it turned out, some illnesses can be the consequence of anger, fear and loneliness.

К каким болезням могут привести негативные эмоции

Negative emotions cause irreparable harm not only to our mental health, but can cause quite serious health problems and even more serious than drug abuse, Smoking or alcohol. As it turned out, when we are filled with anger, our heart almost jumps out of my chest, while another increases your blood pressure, increases blood clotting, preparing the ground for future stroke. But loneliness is the cause of many infections.

Anger and anger is the path to heart attack and stroke

These negative emotions have a detrimental effect on the physiological condition of the person, kills the psycho-emotional sphere. As you know, aggression plays a major role in the development of heart disease. According to doctors, this anger that a person experiences over the years, often lead to the development of atherosclerosis. The nature of this phenomenon is that at a time when we are angry, the body increases the level of cholesterol, the heart beats very often, often increased blood pressure and blood clotting. But if this condition happens quite often, any another bout of anger can cause a heart attack or stroke.

It is the inability to control one’s own emotions increases the risk of early death by 60%. The fact that the arteries that suffer from systematic attacks stress hormones, susceptible to pathological changes. And this is the way to serious illnesses.

Also, studies have shown that constant anger affects the liver, gallbladder and joints. From malice that people are more common diseases of the liver, pancreas and joints. And more suffer the lungs, there are sore throats, bronchitis.

On the condition of the liver and gall bladder affects the temper. Sometimes even inflammation of the gallbladder, bile stasis, which may in turn lead to poisoning of the biliary tract and the appearance of sand or stones. Often anger and anger suffer the eye – these people appear styes or conjunctivitis.

And negative emotions are severely affected kidney, which are cleansing the body, deducing from an organism of all unnecessary things. Often kidney stones is called the materialization of aggression, anger and anger that have been accumulating in the body for many years.

But loneliness can cause cancer. This is because people, who remain isolated from communication, are more likely to experience about this stress, they reduced the number of leukocytes in the blood. Loneliness also leads to a drop in the activity of genes associated with immunity

Therefore, in any situation should not be closed and swim in its splendid isolation – this will increase the risk of cancer, get heart disease and blood vessels.

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