What do the twins look like, recognized at the age of 7 as the most beautiful in the world


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The story of incredibly beautiful twin sisters: how 12-year-old models Ava and Leah Clements live, children with an audience of millions.

What do twins look like, recognized as the most beautiful in the world at the age of 7

Today we will tell an amazing story about twin sisters who became stars almost immediately after birth. The unearthly beauty gave the girls a ticket to a happy life. Ava and Leah Clements recently celebrated their 12th birthday. And this is a great reason to dedicate an entire article to beauties and share their bright photos, informs Ukr.Media.

A story about twin sisters

< p>Ava and Leah Clements were born on July 7, 2010. The birth of twin sisters became the main event in the life of their parents. Already in the first days, it became clear that the babies would grow up to be real beauties. And this is not surprising, since the girls' mother and father have excellent external data.

The head of the family, Kevin, is an athlete. He works as a swimming coach. Over the years of his career, he received many sports awards. The girls' mother, Jaki, is a real forest nymph with perfect features and green eyes.

Ava and Leah are not the only children in the family. The girls have an older brother, Chase, who is already conquering the hearts of his peers.

When the babies were still small, relatives unanimously declared that they should be given to a modeling agency. However, Jaki decided to take her time and make similar decisions together with her daughters.

The girls were only 7 years old when their parents offered them modeling. The sisters were delighted with this proposal and, of course, agreed. This is how their promising modeling career began. Ava and Leah's brother also wanted to try his hand at this interesting business. And today they work as models together.

The beginning of a modeling career

The little beauties got their first job in the fashion boutique of the woman who lived next door. She needed models for children's outfits. And Ava and Leah coped with this task as best as possible.

The girls' mother sent their first professional photos to various agencies. She could not have imagined that the photos would cause such admiration. And soon Jaki signed 2 contracts at once.

More and more people began to learn about twin sisters. One fine day in the house of the Clements family, the fatal bell rang. The girls were offered a job at the Barbie company.

Job offers began to pour in on young models one after another. And very soon the girls began to be called the most beautiful twin sisters in the whole world.

In just 5 years of active modeling, Ava and Lia managed to work with such brands as Nike, Disney, Mattel and Target. In addition, they participated in clothing shows of Levis and Converse brands. Also, the girls were filmed for various glossy publications.

Girls' upbringing

Ava and Leah's parents do everything possible to have a modeling career 39;era did not prevent girls from getting a decent education. They carefully monitor the completion of homework, and also arrange all photo shoots so that the sisters do not miss school.

The incredible success of the twin sisters only increases every day. The girls' mother set up their personal Instagram account for them. Almost 2 million people follow the models' activities there.

Despite the popularity of Ava and Leah, the girls have already had detractors. Rather, their parents. Haters accuse the couple of depriving their daughters of a normal childhood. However, Jackie and Kevin always and in everything listen to the opinion of their children. If the girls didn't like what they were doing, they would stop doing it.

The mother of the little models runs their blog herself. She tries to protect her daughters from spending too much time on the Internet. In order to fully immerse herself in the work of a manager for her girls, the woman resigned from her previous position.

We are sure that the twin sisters have a great future ahead of them. It remains to be hoped that they will not lose their childhood enthusiasm and confidently move towards new goals. They will definitely be able to reach even greater heights!


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