What food can save you from migraine

Lean on lemons and cranberries, and drink 3 tablespoons of butter per day.

Какая еда может спасти от мигрени

With a headache are familiar to all. Even though it is small it does not give us any work normally or to go into the family business. When a migraine attacks, there is a feeling that turned into one solid lump of pain. To get rid of, or at least less likely to experience a “rush job”, you need to reconsider your diet, sure dietitian Tatiana violet. The expert has told, what products should be abandoned with migraines, and which, by contrast, is often.

WITHOUT “DRUGS”. Migraine is a disease associated with the state of our vascular system. This is a situation when the blood vessels of the brain are in a state of spasm or, on the contrary, changes occur in the nerve endings, appropriate for the vessel and, consequently, give rise to headache. She throbbing, aggravated by stress and motion. Most often occurs on one side of the head, but can spread to both halves of it. Causes of spasm or dilation of blood vessels, and therefore, migraine can be a lot. But the main wrong diet. The fact that some products contain substances that act on receptors and affect the blood vessels expand or spazmiruet. First of all this effect have grocery drugs. This category includes all animal products cold-smoked, too fried, herring, organ meat, hard cheese varieties, especially yellow, chocolate and other catasterismi products, pastries. They stimulate the release of hormones that cause emotional lift. Thus irritation of the nervous system, stimulates nerve endings and raises the spasm.

A LITTLE MORE TART. To quickly get rid of migraines, you need to eat foods that omelicheva blood. The chemistry of the human body is such that acid and alkali in it closely. The normal pH of blood should be of 7.35 was 7.45. To neutralize acid, the body withdraws from the tissues of minerals. Actually, this is the process of human aging. Also, increased acidity in the blood is one of the factors that causes circulatory disorders and vascular problems. And, by the way, is the cause of the heart attack. In General, to stay young, beautiful and healthy, blood need to oxalacetate. It can be done, for example, by using lemon water. Cook it easy: in 200 ml of water squeezing the juice of half a lemon and mix. You can also add 2 tsp of honey. The more of this drink to drink, the faster you will normalize blood circulation and will be a headache. Also will be useful to all non-starchy fruit: any citrus fruit, kiwi, pineapple. They also have alkalizing effect, like skin care products and alkaline mineral water without gas.

To CLEAN. From the berries is effective in migraine treatment is the cranberry. It not only normalizes blood pH, but helps to remove toxins from the body, as it strengthens the liver and kidneys. And they are the main filters in our body. Why migraines it is important to cleanse the body? Because a large number of toxins that impair our blood vessels and poisons our body and headache may be a reaction to this toxicity. So, for example, often in the treatment of migraine administered choleretic herbs: tansy, corn silk, milk Thistle, immortelle, barberry. They do not allow bile to stagnate and thus help toxic substances to be excreted.

Expert Elena Svitko, a naturopathic doctor:
“Indeed, one of the causes of migraines lies in the disruption of the digestive system. For example, pains that start and are localized to the right, sometimes covering the entire head or “roll” in its left part, and then come back, may be associated with dysfunction of the gall bladder, liver and pancreas. In this case, will be painful all the acupuncture points on the head. Such a person has no appetite, he is irritated by bright light and sharp sounds, he may experience nausea. The gallbladder Meridian passes through the head, so headache can provoke alcohol, fried foods, meats and other heavy foods.

Also, I am aware of studies that proved the usefulness and strengthening effect on the vessels of vegetable oils. Therefore, people suffering from migraines, you just need every day to consume vegetable fats. Optimally to drink a tablespoon of oil three times a day.

Also suggest to prepare the ointment from the Apple buds (100 g). Add 200 g of butter and hold in a water bath until a homogeneous mass. Strain, add a tablespoon of lavender oil. With the use of such ointments good massage whiskey and neck headaches”.

Surprisingly, migraines small Cup of coffee not only will not hurt, on the contrary, can relieve a headache. Assuming that it is caused by vasodilation. But if on the contrary a narrowing, the situation is worse.

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