What habits of drivers do others like?


June 17, 2022, 22:03 | Auto

And it's not just compliance with traffic rules.

Which habits of drivers are liked by others

Not only compliance with traffic rules, as well as respect for other motorists driving in traffic, distinguishes a good driver, informs Ukr.Media.

What actions behind the wheel are perceived most favorably by others?

This question was asked by the authors of a sociological study organized by a British company. As it turned out, the vast majority of drivers appreciate the presence of a safe distance in the flow of cars. 20 percent of respondents notice and approve if neighbors do not press against the car either from the side or behind.

Slightly fewer drivers – 17.6 percent – said that they are happy when other motorists turn on their turn signals in advance, and not at the moment of starting the maneuver.

16.5 percent of those surveyed admitted that they like to receive tokens of thanks from other drivers for a generous act – such as giving a pass to a neighbor in traffic.

Almost the same number – 16.2 percent – appreciate when drivers wait patiently for their turn, and do not jump ahead.

10.3 percent of respondents notice and approve of drivers who park correctly and well.

< p>Well, the fewest respondents — 4.1 percent — answered that they like it when other drivers give up their parking space. However, in practice this happens extremely rarely.

By the way, the main way of expressing gratitude to one another among British drivers is to wave. Only 17.5 percent of respondents prefer to flash the hazard lights, as it is customary in our country.


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