What happens if you feed the dog only “human food”: scientists gave the answer

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  • What happens if you feed a dog only

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  • What happens if you feed dog only


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 What happens if you feed your dog only

Researchers have studied how dog food, human food and birch food affect the health of pets.

Related video < p>Early research suggests that some types of human food may well be included in your dog's diet. However, scientists wondered if switching to a natural “ancestral diet” means that your pet will become healthier and what happens if four-legged animals are fed only human food, writes Science Alert.

Studies have already proven that the opinion about that human food is bad for dogs is mostly based on marketing, not science. Some foods such as chocolate, spices and fruits are really worth avoiding, but proteins and vegetables are good for animals too.

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Surveys show that many pet owners still believe that table scraps are extremely dangerous for dogs, while as dry food contains the necessary amount of nutrients. After the scandal with a number of dry foods, the trend nevertheless began to change and a new player appeared on the market – grain-free foods.

In a new study, nutritionist Kelly Swanson of the University of Illinois and colleagues examined three different diets—dry food, grain-free food, and the “ancestral diet.”

For four weeks, scientists fed a dozen Beagles only a certain food and found that on a standard diet from dry food, dogs had to eat much more to maintain body weight. As a result, they defecated three times more than during the “ancestral diet”. A grain-free diet has shown that animals defecate 1.5 to 1.7 times more.

The results of the study show that the nutrients in human food are more easily digested by dogs. What's more, scientists have found that ancestral and grain-free diets seem to modify the bacteria in the animal's gut in ways that dry food can't.

Swanson says unique microbial profiles, found in dog feces are associated with dietary processing. By the way, earlier studies have also shown that a diet of raw or cooked meat can also change the microbiome of pets.