What is a knee sprain, Alexia Putellas' injury?


    What is a knee sprain, Alexia Putellas injury?

    Midfielder Alexia Putellas will be low last minute for the England's European Championship after suffering an injury to his left kneeduring the training session strong> of Tuesday. The 24-year-old FC Barcelona player will be waiting for her. He has been out for several months, so his return to the field of play will not take place. until next year.

    As for the European, it should be remembered thatwill be disputed from this Wednesday July 6 until July 31, being Spain one of the favorite teams strong>. Despite this, the downskey of Jennifer Hermoso and now Putellas have left a group whose debut will be shattered. next Friday July 8 against Finland.

    The worst prognosis

    As reported by the Royal Spanish Football Federation, the winner of the 2021 Ballon d'Or suffered left knee sprained during Tuesday's training session. This injury consists of a sprain of one or several ligaments. Likewise, the damage to this tissue can be total or partial.

    In the case of Putellas, it was later confirmed that the player suffered a break< /strong>of the anterior cruciate ligament. so So, although at first hope was held about a return before the conclusion of the Euro Cup, the confirmation of the break rules out to the midfielder for whatremains of the year.

    Sarriegi, the replacement

    To replace the player from Mollet del Vallés, the National Team took over. n Espanola has contacted Amaiur Sarriegi, forward of Real Sociedad. It should be remembered that the lists of players have a margin of modification up to 24 hoursbefore the beginning of the continental competition.< /p>

    The casualties of Jennifer Hermoso last month and of Alexia Putellas at the last minute have turned the preparation for the European Championship in a cluster of bad news. However, the group trained by Jorge Vilda remains one of the favorites before their debuton Friday against the Finnish national team.


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