What is forbidden to smear with iodine


March 11, 2019, 8:32 p.m. | Medicine

It is not always possible to treat wounds with iodine solution.

What is forbidden to apply iodine

Our mothers and grandmothers have always taught us from early childhood that iodine will help us with any wounds, scratches, cuts and even inflammatory processes. We have always been sure of his healing abilities. For example, even when we had minor colds, we were treated with an iodine net. Over time, many people realized that it will also help get rid of acne.

However, you should not forget about the correct application of iodine to the skin, as a large amount of this product can cause burns. Therefore, it is very important to observe caution and delicacy when using the drug.

Actually, iodine or green tea should not be poured on every wound, informs Ukr.Media.

First, the cut must first be rinse under running water, and then treat with a napkin with hydrogen peroxide. Only after such a procedure, iodine can be applied to the damaged area.

There is no need to stick a patch on a wound treated with iodine: iodine has the property of drying.

It should be noted that iodine can completely treat a cut , and a large wound should be treated only around. In no case should iodine be applied to the mucous membrane.

It is best to paint a net with iodine on the back or feet during a cold. Green tea or hydrogen peroxide is more suitable for treating cuts.


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