What is hypocrisy?


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The answer to this question was already known in ancient Rome.

What is hypocrisy?

The answer to this question was already known in ancient Rome, when during a theatrical performance, actors wore masks with different expressions of emotions, that is, roughly speaking, they tried on their faces. Hypocrites are those people whose external manifestation of emotions, that is, their behavior does not correspond at all to their inner experiences and true feelings. What a person really feels can be determined only by using empathy, and what a person demonstrates or expresses, we naturally see from his gestures, actions, facial expressions or tone of voice, informs Ukr.Media.

What is hypocrisy – meaning

But more often we are more interested in the reason why in certain situations people choose to demonstrate completely different experiences, rather than the ones they actually feel. In addition, the question involuntarily arises of how to react if we notice that the interlocutor misleads us, tries on different masks and behaves completely insincerely.

Reasons of hypocrisy< /strong>

The first thing any person needs to understand is that hypocrisy is not a bad thing, or something to be avoided or condemned. Each of us, thinking for a moment, will be able to recall more than one case when it was necessary to “glue” smile and hide true feelings from the interlocutor. There are not so many reasons for this. In fact, she is alone – fear. Fear of judgment, fear of not being accepted or understood. People are afraid to be honest because they are afraid of becoming vulnerable. And to hide it, one has to use various strategies, including hypocrisy.

The reasons for fear often lie in low self-esteem, people think that they are not good enough and they immediately turn on the “mask” mode. This mechanism is characteristic of almost all people, so if your partner or interlocutor begins to be hypocritical, it serves as a signal that at the moment the person feels vulnerable, or that you have done something wrong to assert yourself at their expense.

How to react to hypocrisy

What to do if your interlocutor is hypocritical? First, try not to confuse hypocrisy with just being in a bad mood. Most often, people are offended, deciding that a person is deceiving them, express claims and start a scandal. But if a person is dear to you, you just need to follow the three steps listed below:

  • Recognize that the person's goal is not a lie, but a defensive reaction to something.
  • See that you did something that made your interlocutor feel uncomfortable.
  • Change your actions, or simply stop scaring the person.

However, this instruction will be effective only if you are sincere in your intentions and really want to improve the relationship. Now you know what hypocrisy is.


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