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What is slop, this new phenomenon that is invading the internet ?

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For several years, content generated by artificial intelligence on the Internet. Whether it is text, images or videos, the progress of AI is dazzling. For better or for worse. If artificial intelligence can be a very good tool, provided it is properly and intelligently used, it can be a real scourge.

On the Internet, content generated by AI is therefore legion, and is now part of our daily lives. When they are of poor quality, there is nothing more annoying. Unfortunately, these are the ones who are more and more numerous on the web. And it has a name: slop.

Slop, to designate the misdeeds of AI

To put it simply, slop is the term used to describe all mediocre content generated by artificial intelligence. We are talking about the fake images that abound on the Internet, the fake news spread on social networks or even the online articles generated in a stupid and nasty way. All bad AI-generated content can be pointed out as slop. As The Guardian explains, the slop is intended to deceive the Internet user, making him believe that the content was generated by a human (the doubt must remain), to generate advertising revenue and to direct the attention of search engines. In short, it's a real parasite!

If the term may make you smile, it originally refers to the mud which collects at the bottom of the tanks of oil ships. Ultimately, this says a lot and we easily understand the connection between the origin and the current use of the term. After several months of being used on online forums, then social networks, the term “slop” reallypopularized in May 2024. British programmer Simon Willison does not hesitate to talk about slop. Because giving it a name is better to protect yourself from it. By having a specific word to designate it, it is easier to talk about it and therefore to make the general public aware of the dangers it represents.

The term “spam ” had a very similar past. The term had to be generalized for everyone to realize the harmfulness of these fraudulent and unwanted messages. Thus, it is essential to make people understand that generating and publishing unreviewed AI-generated content is bad behavior”.

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By Teilor Stone

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