What is the greenest type of printer? Epson's response

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From 2026, the company will only market inkjet printers. But what's wrong with laser printers?

What is the greenest type of printer? Epson’s answer

As the Ars Technica site reminds us in a recent article, at one time, laser printers were considered high-end devices. And if this type of printer had many advantages, the high prices meant that it was not within the reach of many homes. However, at some point, these prices fell, which democratized the technology.

Epson announces the end of laser printers in 2026

However, today it is already the beginning of the end for laser printers. In a press release, the Epson brand announces that from 2026, it will definitively stop manufacturing and marketing laser printers, in favor of the good old inkjet printer.

But, why?

Epson presents this decision as a green gesture. According to his explanations, the use of an inkjet printer reduces energy consumption, compared to laser printers that use heat. As early as 2021, in a comparison published on its blog, Epson had already indicated that its models consume 85% less energy compared to a laser printer.

A technology that is becoming obsolete due to the climate crisis?

In essence, Epson believes that laser printer technology has a limited ability to improve its durability, due to the process that requires heat and so a lot of energy. And that's not all, since the company talks about other advantages of inkjet printers.

“Inkjet technology can reduce power consumption compared to laser, and with a compact footprint and lightweight design, these products help limit the resources used during production and processing. 8217;shipping”, says Epson. “The smaller size also means they fit easily into the office and save space. High-yield ink cartridges also reduce material usage, shipping, storage and end-of-use consumables management.”

Other maintenance issues, according to Epson

Another problem with laser printers: maintenance. Indeed, this technology requires more maintenance, and more spare parts.

Fortunately, the performance of inkjet printers is improving, which could effectively reduce the need for laser printers (which are faster). At the same time, Epson has also just announced its new series of printers using inkjet, capable of printing 40 to 60 times per minute.

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