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What is the most innovative Tech company of 2024 ?

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Every year, the analysis firm Clarivate unveils its ranking of the most innovative companies. In its 2024 edition, Samsung Electronics took first place in the ranking.

The Korean giant has stood out through its constant commitment to innovation. With a wide range of products ranging from smartphones to household appliances and semiconductor solutions, the firm has continued to innovate in each of its areas of activity. This recognition comes as no surprise to those who closely follow Samsung's development, as the company has proven its ability to anticipate and respond to the changing needs of consumers.

Just behind Samsung are well-known industry names like Canon, Honda, Toyota and Seiko Epson, confirming the significant impact of Japanese companies in the field of innovation.

Indeed, Japan takes the lion's share with 38 organizations appearing in this top 100, followed by the United States, Taiwan, South Korea and mainland China. This geographic distribution highlights the growing importance of Asia in the field of research and technological innovation.

L&amp ;#8217;IA, largely absent from the ranking

Clarivate also highlights consistency in excellence, with 18 companies having retained their status of&# 8217;global innovator. Among them, big names such as General Electric, LG Electronics, Panasonic, and Sony.

The report also indicates some notable returns and new entries in the list, reflecting the dynamic evolution of the sector. Tencent, Daikin Industries and Zeiss mark their return, while Coretronic (Taiwanese electronic components company) and Disco (Japanese semiconductor manufacturer) are making their appearance.

The Clarivate ranking is also marked by the great discretion of companies specializing in artificial intelligence, yet at the heart of tech news in 2023/2024. No OpenAI or Mistral AI around. Despite the much-noticed launch of its Vision Pro, Apple is also not in the Top 5 in the ranking of the most innovative companies.

  • Samsung Electronics dominates the ranking of the 100 most innovative companies of 2024, asserting its position as a global leader in research and innovation.
  • Japan is distinguished as the largest contributor to the rankings, followed by the United States, Taiwan, South Korea and China, illustrating Asia's ascendancy in innovation technological.
  • Apple (Vision Pro) and AI companies (OpenAI, MistralAI) are conspicuous by their absence in the world's top 5.

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