What is the price of the dollar today, Thursday, April 14?


The DOF and the SAT reported that today, April 14, the price of the dollar is 19.84 pesos

What is the price of the dollar today Thursday April 14? /></p><p> <strong>The Mexican peso slows its appreciation against the dollar.</strong>Credits: Minuto México Written in ACTUALIDAD on 4/14/2022 · 07:15 a.m. Share this article</p><p>For this <strong>April 14</strong>, the price of the <strong>dollar</strong> is trading at an average of 19.76 <strong>pesos</strong>Mexicans in the different exchange rates, having a purchase of 19.75 <strong>pesos</strong> and the sale in 19.77.</p><h2><strong>Price of the dollar in the different exchange rates</strong></h2><p>Affirm with a purchase of 18.80 and a sale of 20.30 Mexican <strong>pesos</strong>.</p><p>Banco Base with a purchase and sale of 20.90 <strong>pesos</strong> Mexicans.</p><p>BBVA with a purchase of 19.13 and a sale of 20.03 <strong>Mexican pesos.</p><p>Banamex with a purchase of 19.43 and a sale of 20.54 Mexican <strong>pesos</strong>.</p><p><p><img class=

The Official Gazette of the Federation (DOF) and the Tax Administration Service (SAT) reported that as of today April 14 the price of the dollar are at 19.84 pesosMexican pesos for their purchase and sale.

The Mexican peso slows its appreciation against the dollar

While the dollar and oil rise, just as the producer price index in the United States accelerates more than expected, the Mexican peso struggles to continue its winning streak against the US currency; however, at the start of yesterday's session it presented a depreciation of 0.21 percent, to trade around 19.8304 units per dollar.

In the United States, producer inflation of 1.4 percent monthly and 11.2 percent annually was recorded, which accelerated more than expected by the market consensus in March, reaching a new high since the series began in 2010, so analysts are considering it a poor leading indicator.

The index of the dollar, the DXY, which measures the behavior of the US currency against a basket of the seven most important currencies in the world, operates with a gain of 0.10 per cent, to 100.38 points. The Mexican peso could end its four-session upward streak.

WTI crude oil futures rise for the second day in a row and trade above $102 a barrel as the latest data showed Russian oil and gas condensate production fell below $10 million barrels of oil on Monday, the lowest level.