What is the price of the dollar today, Tuesday, April 12?


The DOF and the SAT reported that today, April 12, the price of the dollar is 20.00 pesos

What is the price of the dollar? ;lar today Tuesday April 12?

This is the price of the dollar for this April 12.Credits: Minuto México Written in ACTUALIDAD on 4/12/2022 · 07:16 a.m. Share this article

For this April 12, the price of the dollarIt is trading at an average of 19.91 Mexican pesos in the different exchange rates, with a purchase of 19.90 pesos and a sale of 19.92.

Price of the dollar in the different exchange rates

Affirm with a purchase of 18.90 and a sale of 20.40 Mexican pesos.

Banco Base with a purchase and sale of 20.90 Mexican pesos.

BBVA with a purchase of 19.31 and a sale of 20.20 Mexican pesos.

Banamex with a purchase of 19.43 and a sale of 20.54 Mexican pesos.

what What is the price of the dollar today, Tuesday, April 12?

The Official Gazette of the Federation (DOF) and the Tax Administration Service (SAT) reported that as of today April 12 the price of the dollar has a price of 20.00 Mexican pesos for its purchase and sale.

Mexican peso it is trading below 20 against the dollar

Waiting for the inflation data in the United States tomorrow and trying to anticipate the actions of the Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) of the United States , the Mexican peso closed this Monday below 20 units per dollar.

According to data from the Bank of Mexico, the Mexican currency appreciated against the dollar 0.57 percent, equivalent to 11.36 cents, to close at 19.9199 units per dollar spot (market wholesale).

At the opening of the session, the Mexican peso depreciated against the dollar 0.23 percent, to trade around 20.0668 units per >dollar; The Mexican currency operated below 20 pesos in international operations during the early hours. After three sessions he left the levels of 19 pesos.

In Mexico, he highlighted that more than 15 million Mexican pesos participated in the first mandate revocation consultation, where President Andrés Manuel López Obrador will follow his mandate.

The index of the dollar, the DXY, which measures the behavior of the US currency against its main crosses, advanced 0.22 percent, to 99,975 units.