What Makes Personalized License Plates Popular?

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What’is who makes personalized license plates popular?

Kanishk Gadhvi and his license plate GADHVI, that he bought it before he even owned a car.

From SPRNANA to TIKTOK to CU5TOM, personalized license plates are plentiful in Saskatchewan and across the country. But what drives vehicle owners to personalize their plates?

For some, the license plate is almost like a tattoo on their vehicle, says Saskatchewan Insurance Corporation (SGI) media relations manager ), Tyler McMurchy.

A car is like an extension of your personality, he adds, and the reasons drivers choose a personalized plate are as varied as the drivers themselves.

Kanishk Gadhvi, for example, chose to put his last name on his license plate, which he bought before he even owned a vehicle.

At the time, he had just arrived from India and he saw at a friend's house that he had a plaque in his name. He had hung it on a wall in his apartment until he could get a vehicle. Kanishk Gadhvi wanted to do the same, among other things, to make sure to reserve his name.

For him, having a plate bearing his family name is a matter of pride.

Kanishk Gadhvi explains that reserving a plate before even having a vehicle is not uncommon. He knows people who have done the same thing. For them, it is also a motivation to work hard in order to be able to put this plate on their car, one day soon.

Tyler McMurchy says that in many cases, people like to add a touch of humor to their plate, which will make motorists who follow them at red lights smile.

Thus, Tammy Barilla says that her husband bought for his mother a plaque on which the letters TMI can be read. Her mother, she says, often utters this phrase, which is an abbreviation for too much information in English. Additionally, these letters also work as an abbreviation for the mother in law. This makes them smile since her husband often uses this expression with his mother-in-law.

For her part, Tracy Kleiner says that she and her husband have complementary plates: LAS YQR and YQR LAS. These letters correspond to airport codes for Regina and Las Vegas, a city they both love.

About 56,000 people have opted for personalized plates in Saskatchewan, according to the SGI. This includes plates assigned to a customer, but not yet associated with a car.

Personalized plates account for less than 5% of the total plates registered in the province, which has 1.2 or 1.3 million, according to the SGI.

If the SGI accepts requests for personalized plates, however, we cannot write just any message. Messages referring to risky driving, drugs, alcohol, crime or politics are prohibited, as are those that deal with skin color or sexuality in a derogatory way.

Recent requests with messages like SHAGUAR or REDN3CK have been refused. In rare cases, SGI has recalled plates due to message content deemed unacceptable.

With information from CBC

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