What places in the house should be checked first if a strange smell has appeared in it


    April 9, 2022, 16:04 | Science and technology

    The source of an unusual aroma can be both an old washing machine and new furniture.

    What places in the house should be checked first if a strange smell appeared in it

    Someone wants a fresh, slightly citrus aroma to reign at home, like in the corridors of a luxury hotel. And someone thinks about giving their apartment an individual, special smell, and even learns how to do it. Unfortunately, reality always interferes with grandiose plans. In this case, in the form of strange smells that accompany a violently boiling life. If these have appeared in your house, first of all you should pay attention to several places, informs Ukr.Media.

    Garbage bucket

    The advice seems obvious, after all, any garbage smells. But the point is not only that it should be thrown away regularly. Excess liquid and crumbs can accumulate in the bucket, which causes a bad smell that remains even after you take out the trash.

    To clean the bucket, experts recommend sprinkling it with diluted bleach, leaving it for a couple of hours, and then wash well with soap and water.

    Another approach is also suggested: allocate a special bucket for particularly dirty garbage that smells unpleasantly and take it out more often.

    Pet bedding and bowls

    Cats and dogs, of course, are just as much family members as any other. However, pets are much more likely to become a source of unpleasant odors.

    When animals shed and there is more wool, the number of bacteria also increases. To avoid this, bathe your pet regularly and wash its bedding and bowls weekly with soapy water (without harsh chemicals!). You should also vacuum more often the places where the most wool is collected. These are sofas and beds, as well as the floor under them.

    Basket for dirty laundry

    It should not be kept in the bathroom, but it is better to put it in the bedroom or in a distant closet. At a certain humidity, bacteria begin to develop more actively, which causes an unpleasant smell. When you have dirty and at the same time wet clothes that need to be washed, you should do it right away, and not throw them in the basket.

    Bed linen

    Among the most implacable enemies of a pleasant aroma in the house is a bed sheet. Over time, it becomes soaked with sweat and other natural body secretions, covered with dust and dirt.

    Experts advise washing bed linen every week if you shower in the morning, or every two weeks if you do it at night before going to bed.


    Washing machine

    Appliances that are constantly in contact with water can grow mold, which is an ideal environment for smelly bacteria. Every time you open and close the washing machine door, the moisture from the next wash cycle remains inside. The same applies to the powder container, another favorite place for mold.

    To avoid trouble, always leave the machine door and the powder container open for at least a few hours after the next wash. And if you do find mold, mix white vinegar with baking soda in equal proportions and wipe the affected areas.


    It, like the washing machine, is a great place for the formation of mold and unpleasant odors. Especially considering the fact that the dishwasher deals with pieces of food that remain on used plates.

    Do not forget to regularly clean the inside of the device and run the turbo drying mode without dishes. If the baskets inside the machine start to get moldy, soak them in a solution of diluted bleach and warm water, leave for 30 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

    New furniture


    Perhaps you think that nothing compares to the smell of new furniture – it is the magical aroma of fresh packaging and a pristine thing. However, it can be a health hazard.

    Actually, the specific smell of furniture is given by volatile organic compounds. The US Environmental Protection Agency notes that they can cause headaches, irritate the eyes, nose and throat, and even damage the liver and kidneys.

    The most effective way to get rid of volatile compounds is to use an air purifier with a carbon filter. If the strong smell of new furniture persists for more than a month, you should consider returning the purchase.


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