What Queen Elizabeth II Really Says About Meghan Markle


    What Elizabeth II really says about Meghan Markle

    Royal biographer Tom Bauer told how the monarch speaks of Prince Harry's wife behind closed doors.

    Recently, another royal masterpiece was released biographer Tom Bower – a book about the life of the Dukes of Sussex called “Revenge: Meghan, Harry and the War Between the Windsors”. Excerpts from the biography of famous spouses, published in the media, made a lot of noise.

    In the book, Bauer did not spare Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, talking about how the Duchess of Sussex married the British heir for the sake of fame and plagued the entire family with claims.

    One of the key topics that the publicist touched upon in his masterpiece was Meghan Markle's relationship with Elizabeth II. As it turned out, Her Majesty strongly dislikes the Duchess of Sussex.

    According to the Express, quoting Bauer, when Meghan canceled her trip to the funeral of the Duke of Edinburgh due to pregnancy, Elizabeth exclaimed: “Thank God she will not come !”. And all this is not just.

    As you know, at first the queen behaved very reservedly towards her grandson's beloved. When at that time the future wife of Prince Harry began to actively tell reporters about the affair with the British heir in order to get on the cover of Vanity Fair, they had a serious explanatory conversation with her in the palace. They say that the Duchess of Sussex threw a tantrum and from that moment began to complain about the lack of freedom at court.

    After the cover incident, the Queen invited Meghan Markle for tea. Their meeting was attended by Angela Kelly, the Queen's personal stylist and her closest friend, who almost never leaves the monarch. The Queen told Meghan that life at court is not for everyone. According to one version, Elizabeth II allegedly offered Megan to postpone the wedding for a year in order to better study the features of life at court. However, Megan understood that she had pulled out a lucky ticket and there would be no second such chance.

    According to the royal biographer, the interview was a bolt from the blue and caused a sensational interest in the little-known actress. After the incident, Her Majesty was no longer able to remain neutral towards Meghan Markle. She still followed good manners when inviting the Duchess of Sussex to important family events. And in a close circle, she allowed herself to voice what she really thinks about her grandson's wife.

    Focus previously wrote about what scandalous details the royal biographer Tom Bauer told about Megan's visit Markle in Rwanda.


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