What spices can be added to tea to lower blood pressure and bad cholesterol


March 9, 2022, 19:01 | Medicine

Some spices can be added to tea to improve cholesterol levels and normalize blood pressure.

What spices can be added to tea to lower blood pressure and bad cholesterol

Some commonly used tea spices have shown a modest effect on raising the level of sugar in the blood, informs Ukr.Media.

A study conducted by the Department of Human Nutrition, NWFP Agricultural University showed the benefits of spicy supplements that can be brewed independently or added to tea .


Cinnamon is a widely used tea spice extracted from the bark of a tree.

Researchers in people with type 2 diabetes studied the ability cinnamon to improve blood sugar and cholesterol levels. The study compared LDL (bad) cholesterol and HDL (good) cholesterol levels in people after 40 days of consuming 6 g of cinnamon per day or after 40 days of taking empty placebo capsules.

There was no change in HDL, LDL, or total cholesterol in the placebo group. LDL levels improved in the cinnamon group, but 6g of cinnamon is more than most people put in their coffee.


Ginger can lower blood pressure. The study looked at the effects of consuming 3g of the spice per day for eight weeks among a group of people over 50 years of age. The results showed a statistically significant reduction in blood pressure.

Black pepper

"King of Spices" goes well with many dishes. The same applies to tea. It contains the chemical piperine, the anti-inflammatory properties of which have been proven by animal studies. Inflammation is a symptom of many chronic diseases, such as diabetes, and can cause symptoms to escalate.

Controlling the inflammatory response can limit the progression of other symptoms.


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