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What the government is doing ;link plans to annihilate Hamas

A "massive" attack, "a complete siege" of the Gaza Strip… Three days after Hamas' surprise attack against Israel, the Israeli government developed his battle plan.

"Israel has not started this war, but Israel will end it." It was with particularly strong words that he expressed himself. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Monday October 9 in the evening on X (formerly Twitter). A little earlier, the head of government spoke about from the Knesset. Comparing Hamas to Daesh, Benjamin Netanyahu detailed his plan to regain control, three days after Hamas' surprise attack against Israel, which occurred on October 7, 2023, promising in particular “a massive attack against Hamas, with an intensity that which never happened.

"We are going to invest all the villages of Israel to put them back under our control. We will launch a massive attack against Hamas. “And we will expand our deployment on the northern border and throughout Israeli territory,” he said. also evoking the strengthening of "unity" among the people. During his speech, the Israeli Prime Minister also called for peace. opposition to unite “as it has been” made during the Six Day War. And to launch, vindictively: "The images of destruction within Gaza are just the beginning. Every place where Hamas operations will be a ruin."

A “complete seat” from the Gaza Strip

Earlier in the day on Monday, October 9, the Israeli Prime Minister had already spoken. promised a response that "will change the Middle East". For its part, the Israeli army had ordered a "complete seat" of the Gaza Strip, under the control of Hamas. Objective: to cut off the Palestinian enclave and its nearly 2.3 million inhabitants from the rest of the world. And the Israeli Minister of Defense, Yoav Gallant, clarified during a meeting: “No electricity, no food, no gas , everything is closed. […] We fight animals and we act accordingly." À note that in the process had been – confirmed by the authorities the stopping of the water supply to the Gaza Strip. A radical decision, but at the same time put into perspective nonetheless, because as Sud Ouest reminds us, Israel "only" 10% of Gaza's annual water consumption.

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